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Post by Rich Moy on Feb 8, 2018 12:00:00 PM

A 2017 LinkedIn study found that recruiters expected to hire more with the same budgets they had the previous year, citing automation and other recruitment technologies as the primary reasons. But recruiting developers requires a unique approach, and the most effective ways to engage with potential candidates simply cannot be automated.

Still, you’re probably curious if it’s possible to hire more developers than you did in 2017, but without increasing spend in any category. There might be not be a catch-all solution to this challenge, but here are a few ways that you can optimize your tech recruitment budget to support more aggressive developer hiring targets. 

Reduce Your Time-to-Offer

Let’s say that a developer has made it through each stage of your interview process and that your engineering managers are eager to hire that person. You might have paperwork to complete, an offer letter to write, and maybe even some additional recruiting left to close the deal. But even if all of that work awaits, you should still let the candidate know that he or she can expect an offer letter soon. In fact, some developers have been offered jobs as they were leaving their final interview.

The impact on your tech recruitment budget might not be apparent at first. But think of the trickle-down effect of offering jobs to your top candidates as quickly as possible. When you reduce the amount of time that developers have to wait for a hiring decision, you increase the chances that the candidate will accept. If that developer accepts your offer, you can reallocate recruiting spend to another role or any other initiatives that your team wants to tackle. On the other hand, you’ll need to re-open the role if that person declines, which can be costly. Not only will you need to post and advertise the job listing again, but your recruiters will also have to shift their focus back to a search that they've worked on for a long time.

Review Your Job Listings (Again)

The value of a well-written job listing can’t be understated. It can also be a contributing factor in the amount of recruitment spend you need to dedicate to your tech recruiting efforts.

You probably know that if your job listings don’t resonate with developers, they’ll quickly move onto something more interesting. But think about that in the context of your budget. The costs of job listings can add up when they’re not generating the types of applications you want. Take another glance at your current technical job listings, and ask a few of your developers to give you feedback. The slightest tweaks could help you attract more qualified developers and maximize the resources at your disposal.

Choose Meetups and Networking Events More Strategically

There are endless options for recruiters looking to recruit and network with developers. Some are free, while others have cost-prohibitive registration fees. We’re not suggesting that you completely remove these meetups from your budget, but it is essential to think more strategically about which events that you and your team attend this year. 

When it comes to free meetups that have helped you grow your pipeline in the past, encourage your team to attend as many as they’d like. But for the events that could eat up a significant portion of your budget for the month or quarter, think about the ways they have helped you hire developers in the past. If you can’t recall any tangible benefits from a particular event, don’t be afraid to take it off the calendar for the year.



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