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Post by Rich Moy on May 8, 2018 12:00:00 PM

As a talent acquisition leader, developer hiring is likely one of your biggest priorities. Aside from the team of HR professionals and recruiters that you lead, you’re probably talking to the engineering managers more often than anyone else at your company. Your approach to tech recruiting impacts them more directly than any other manager, so this makes sense. But the most successful talent acquisition leaders know that developer hiring also affects every team across the organization.

Not sure why your tech talent management strategy matters to so many people? Let’s take a closer look at how your developer hiring impacts the entire company.

All Companies are Driven by Technology

Recently, we explored the idea that all companies are technology companies. The answer that we landed on was that technology has an impact on the success or failure of most companies today. But what does your talent management strategy for developers mean to an organization?

Imagine that you’re a VP of Sales. We’ll also say that your goal for this year is to increase sales by at least 20 percent. If your primary offering is a piece of software, it’s easy to see the impact of developer hiring on your role. You need the right programmers to build the products that will ultimately help you hit your goal.

But what if we said that you weren't selling software? Tech recruiting would be just as important to you if your company sold bobblehead dolls or indoor plants. You would need programmers to build the back-end systems that enable your sales team to close more deals. Plus, your website needs developers to maintain and optimize the customer experience. There are plenty of examples we could add to this list, and this is just for the VP of Sales!

So, for every executive at your company, try to think of three similar examples. Not only will this make you a more empathetic leader, but it will also give you an even deeper understanding of how developer hiring can support your company’s growth.

Your Employer Branding for Developers Improves Your Company’s Overall Reputation

When you create employer branding content with your ideal developer candidates in mind, it can improve your company’s reputation in the technology community. When you make a positive impression on tech candidates, it can also have a trickle-down effect on your company’s overall reputation.

Developers are always looking to learn and share information with their counterparts, but programmers also have friends who don’t write code for a living. Sure, when a developer has a positive candidate experience with a company, he or she will probably discuss it with their colleagues, especially if any of them are considering interviewing to join the same team. But that developer will likely tell his or her friends that work in marketing or sales about their impressions as well.

So, is it still important to create an employer branding strategy just for developers? Absolutely! But if you get pushback from other managers across the organization, don’t be shy about communicating how this developer-centric work can impact the company’s reputation among all of the candidates you’re recruiting.



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