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Employer brand ambassadors are an often overlooked, yet crucial, part of the recruiting process. Who better to represent how awesome your company is than happy employees who are currently working there? Developers say that the most annoying part of the job search process is finding a gig that seems interesting. By utilizing your internal employees – especially members of your technical team – you can help convey just what makes your company worth working for.  

Harness the Power of Social Media

Chances are that a large percentage of your employees are active on social media – some may even have large followings or run a blog of their own. These platforms are a great place for them to organically advertise your brand and have conversations with potential new employees.

One way that these ambassadors can work to recruit new technical talent is by publicly sharing what they love about working for your company. This could be as easy as sharing an article about your latest funding or writing a blog post recapping the hackathon your company recently hosted in your office. These are the types of things that would make a developer say, “Hey, maybe I would enjoy working there”. Reach out to your technical team who already have an online presence and ask them if they would be interested in covering your latest event on social media or doing a “Day in the Life of a Developer” post on their coding blog.

Let the Techies Talk Tech

When it comes to communicating with developers, they prefer to talk to someone within the organization that actually understands their job. If you don’t know the difference between Java and JavaScript, you don’t fit this role. While a prerequisite to an interview may be a screening with HR, the following steps should involve members of the technical team. Developers want to talk about things like the working space, what your tech stack looks like, and how the tech team works with other departments. In fact, only 15% of developers we surveyed want to hear from headhunters or general recruiters about potential jobs. They are four times more receptive to speaking with technical recruiters, their potential manager or a developer who would be on their team.

Invite Your Employees to Help With Your Company Website

Instead of having just anyone put together your company’s website or brand pages, be sure to get some input from the technical team ambassadors. They can make sure that certain things are highlighted on these pages. For example, developers want to see things that relate to them specifically, not just the organization as a whole. Benefits are great but are there photos of the developer’s workspaces? Is there any mention of the hardware and computer setup? Is there any mention of flexibility or remote working options? Be sure to ask your brand ambassadors to give input into these consumer-facing pages of your website. 

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