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If you look at the average developer job description, you’ll probably see phrases like “develop software applications” or “write well-designed, testable code.” But often there are a variety of duties not included in the original description, such as mentoring other developers, debugging code, maintaining documentation, and attending meetings. But which of these job duties do developers actually enjoy and want to do more of?  

Our recent developer survey revealed that 57% of developers check-in or commit code multiple times per day. Additionally, 11% do it once a day and 18% do it a couple of times a week. Based on the data we received from the survey, it seems that there is a correlation between job satisfaction and checking in code. 65% of developers who never check in code said they are satisfied at their jobs while that satisfaction rate jumps to 77% when talking to developers who commit code multiple times per day.  


Why Does This Matter?

If developers that commit code more frequently seem to be happier in their jobs, then this is a great opportunity for companies to both recruit and retain their technical team. Your current developers may be unhappy in their jobs, and this is the perfect time to have a check-in and potentially reevaluate their job duties. Similarly, if you’re looking to hire a developer, this fact can help form your recruiting pitch or job posting. If a developer accepts your job offer thinking that they will be able to commit code on a daily basis, and suddenly they are burned out with project management, they aren’t going to stay there for long.   

Is your team set up in a way that only allows certain developers to check-in code, while the others are stuck on bug duty? If so, you might want to change this to create a more fair process.  Does your job opportunity offer the chance to build real products while committing code daily? If so, emphasize that. Show developers that they can make a difference at your company.

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