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In the world of technology, job listings and descriptions start aging the moment they are drafted. As technologies and the job market change so does what is required to get the job done. As a hiring manager or recruiter, it’s typically your duty to ensure that the job listing matches with what you’re looking for. If you’re not receiving the number of applications you’d like, that’s a sign you should try updating the wording, requirements, or even the length of your tech job listing.

The Impact of Daily and Weekly Updates to Your Job Listings

Updating your job listings every day may seem a bit extreme, but it works well for some companies. Dimitri Semenikhin, the Founder of Yacht Harbour, says, “Typically, we update our postings every day simply to show that the job listing was being kept fresh, that we were still looking for qualified developers. Not only does this show time commitment to finding them, but this can make a listing float up higher in search results on certain job listing platforms.”

Bernard Morgan, General Manager of Computer Recruiter, says that his staff updates their job listings about once a week. “Technical job listings usually last for one week. Job titles can be confusing and sometimes ambiguous. If you don't receive a good response to an advert, then it's probably worth trying different developer job titles (ex: Developer or Software Engineer instead of Programmer).”

Update Job Listings as Frequently as Job Boards Permit 

Even if you have the bandwidth to update your job listings on a daily basis, Morgan says that not every job board allows you to modify your listing as you please. “[In this case] you may have to let each one ride for the week," he adds. "But if you are in a rush and your budget permits, you may want to advertise several options at the same time.” This allows you to see which type of listing performs best and can help for future postings.

Pieter Depree, a Recruiter here at Stack Overflow, echoes Semenikhin's earlier sentiment. “As a general rule, I update job listings about once a month.  Typically, you'll see a surge of applications the week after you post because your position is at the top of the search results.  Also, most job boards list the date a position was posted.  When candidates see that a job was posted four months prior, they may assume that the role has been filled or that it’s not a priority.”

Whether you update your job listings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it’s a crucial step to ensuring your developer hiring success. 

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