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Post by Rich Moy on Feb 17, 2016, 12:00:00 PM

Early-stage startup companies present exciting opportunities for employees to have an immediate impact on the entire trajectory of the business. For those of you currently working at a small startup, you also know that tech recruiting is often a priority that falls onto everyone’s plate at one point or another.

It might sound absurd at this stage in your company’s history to build out a recruiting function, but it’s ultimately worth the effort. Here are a few tips to help your startup company build out a tech recruiting function that will set you up for success now and well into the future.

Identify Recruiting Roles, Even if You Don’t Have an Official Recruiting Team

When you hear the phrase “recruiting function,” the first reaction for early-stage startup companies is typically influenced by the fact that they simply don’t have the resources to build out a dedicated recruiting team. But you can still have a well-oiled recruiting function without a group of employees whose sole focus is hiring developers.

A much more sustainable practice is to identify specific roles for every single person involved in the hiring process. Getting acclimated with this not only equips you to have a streamlined developer hiring process now but will also put a solid framework in place for the time when it becomes clear that you should (and more importantly, can) add a full-time recruiting team to the fold.

Get Your Hiring Managers on The Same Page Early in The Process

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that you’ve already hired some of the smartest people in your industry. One of the challenges of having so many of the technology world’s brightest in your ranks is that all of those people likely have strong opinions about how technical hiring should be done. Not only is it your job to find candidates who fit what your company is looking to accomplish, it’s up to you to have some uncomfortable conversations with all of your hiring managers. While this applies to organizations of all sizes, it’s especially important that you meet with everyone involved in your hiring process and hammer out a solid tech hiring strategy that you can all agree on.

Schedule Regular Feedback Meetings With Leadership

In an ideal world, your leadership team would be heavily involved in the company’s tech hiring process and offer regular (sometimes frequent) feedback. But with long to-do lists, it’s easy for everyone at the company to say, “I trust you to do the initial screens, so don’t feel any pressure to run every single candidate by me.” This might sound great, but without feedback from leadership, you’re doing a lot of guesswork about the types of developers they're looking for. Save everyone involved time and ask for regular feedback sessions to make sure you’re evaluating tech candidates the way leadership would if they had the time to do it themselves.startup hiring


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