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Post by Rich Moy on Feb 14, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Managing a tech recruitment budget is tricky. Creating a rough draft that accounts for a variety of line items is challenging enough, but selecting the resources that enable you to hit your goals and help your company take the next step is even more difficult. So what can you do to ensure that your tech recruiting budget aligns with your company’s overall business goals? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Partner With Your Finance Team

It can be deflating to find that your recruitment tool of choice is out of your price range. But how do you determine that something is “too expensive?” Is your thought process guided by what your finance team sees, or is it solely driven by a gut feeling?

Your job is to make the most of your tech recruitment spend, but you’re not doing the business any favors by assuming that anything over a predetermined dollar amount is out of the question. Spend more time understanding how the finance team allocates budget. This will eliminate a lot of the uncertainty around building your plan, and you might discover ways to improve your tech recruiting budget for the following quarter. Even if they can’t sign off on your currently tech recruitment budget, you’ll be able to work together to come up with creative compromises.

Understand Your Company’s Current Talent Gaps

Your team’s primary goal is to recruit and hire developers. But the most effective recruitment strategies consider the types of developers that your company needs to hire in a given month, quarter, or year.

Let’s say that your engineering team has all of the front-end developers it needs, but wants to add five database administrators by next quarter. That might not change the amount you spend on an ATS or online recruiting campaigns, but a few other line items could be affected. If your recruiters have historically spent a lot of time at front-end web development conferences, that might need to change to support your company’s talent gaps. If your team doesn’t have experience in recruiting database administrators, you might need to dedicate more of your budget to training sessions and online courses.

Be Flexible

Let’s face it—your company’s goals could change at the drop of a hat. When that happens, your budget needs to be flexible enough to accommodate those unexpected shifts.

Look back at our previous database administrator example. Perhaps your directive in the first quarter of this year is to hire five database administrators. But what if a mobile app that the engineering team has been working on picks up steam and is suddenly ready to ship? Don’t be surprised if you suddenly need additional mobile developers to support that upcoming launch. If you’re not willing to refocus on your company’s specific hiring needs, you could find yourself hiring developers just for the sake of hiring them.



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