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Post by Rich Moy on Nov 28, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Created in 1995 by Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications, JavaScript is one of the three core tech languages that still powers the majority of websites you visit, as well as many PDF documents and desktop widgets that many people rely on every day. Still, JavaScript developers are known for building things for the web, and only for the web. While some JavaScript developers are responsible for the front-end experience, there are also plenty of developers using JavaScript to build back-end infrastructure. In any case, employers who are looking to hire a JavaScript developer need to understand what’s important to their top candidates. To help you stand out from the fierce competition, here are a few things you should know about JavaScript developers.

Know Where They Spend Their Time

Developers have made it clear that they don’t spend a lot of time on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, so it’s up to you to know how they use their free time online. Because JavaScript has been a driving force behind web development since the early 1990s, it should come as no surprise that web developers have plenty of forums to learn and share new information. Sites like DevShed, CodingForums.com, and WebDeveloper.com host vibrant communities of JavaScript developers looking to talk about the latest in web development. Additionally, the JavaScript tag on Stack Overflow is one of the most active, with over 1.2 million questions asked.

These forums are great resources for anyone interested in learning more about programming, but developers don’t visit these sites solely to find JavaScript jobs. In fact, it would be unwise to start conversations with passive developer candidates on these websites by recruiting them immediately. Instead, do a little research about open-source projects they’ve done and ask them to teach you a thing or two. Building rapport with the JavaScript developers you meet on these platforms might take more time, but will ultimately make it much easier to pursue conversations about your open jobs down the road.

Understand the Unique Challenges They Face

You might be thinking, “I can learn the basics of most JavaScript jobs by reading a few job listings, can’t I?” While you might get a list of tasks that an employer might ask a developer to work on from a job listing, it takes a much deeper understanding of their daily challenges to hire a JavaScript developer.

  • Ensuring that the code works across multiple web browsers. Most people have strong opinions about their web browser of choice, but therein lies the problem for JavaScript developers. Because of the wide variety of options, JavaScript developers are responsible for giving customers the same experience across multiple browsers.
  • Client-side JavaScript security. It’s hard to find something online that wasn’t created using JavaScript, which increases the risk of security vulnerabilities as a result. Many companies hire a JavaScript developer to secure their existing codebase and their customers’ sensitive information.
  • Identifying and Measuring the Right Performance Metrics. People who don’t write code might say to a developer, “Just make sure our website needs to be fast.” However, it’s incredibly easy for a JavaScript developer to measure unimportant things, so they often spend a lot of time determining how to gauge website performance accurately.

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