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Post by Rich Moy on Jan 10, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Congratulations! Your company has evolved into a more mature business, and it needs even more developers. Plus, you’re leading the team that will be responsible for finding and hiring the tech talent to take the organization even further.

Does that sound like an exciting challenge? Well, that probably depends. If you can’t add more tech recruiters, you might be more nervous than enthusiastic. While finding and hiring developers isn’t impossible when you’re understaffed at work, you will need to be more strategic about hitting your hiring goals.

Still, where do you even begin? We sat down with two HR leaders here at Stack Overflow and asked them how they’ve tackled this challenge in the past, especially as developer hiring has evolved. Here’s what they had to say.

Start With a Business Case to Hire More Tech Recruiters

Do you know how much time your team currently spends on recruiting activities? If not, you’re missing the opportunity to communicate that it’s time for you to hire a few more tech recruiters.

But wait, aren’t we talking about how to hire developers when you can’t afford to grow your team? According to Joe Humphries, our Director of People Operations, you should be able to understand and communicate why you need additional headcount before considering any alternatives.

“The reality is that no matter what you do, the developer hiring process slows down if your recruiting function is short-handed,” Humphries adds. “But it’s your job to show management that your department is stretched thin, and that it needs to grow if you want to improve your technical recruiting.”

To help you get started, here are a few questions to ask and answer for yourself:

  • How long does it typically take for you to hire one developer?
  • How much time is each recruiter spending on administrative tasks?
  • How many days has it taken us to interview a developer over the last six months?

Equip Your Recruiters With The Tools They Need

OK, so what if you really have to get the most of the team that you have today? Jay Hanlon, our EVP of Culture and Experience, suggests re-evaluating the tools your recruiters currently use on a daily basis.

“Tech recruiters, just like your developers, should have everything they need to do their jobs well,” he adds. “So for all of the platforms we use, we purchase a login for each recruiter. We’re also purchasing as many job listings as we need. It might sound expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than adding new team members.”

Sit down with your team to discuss their workflow. Find out which tools they rely on most, and which ones would they like to consider adding. Then, adjust your budget wherever possible to accommodate their needs.

Train HR Teams to Help With Technical Recruitment

If you manage the recruitment and HR teams at your company, Hanlon suggests implementing an “all hands on deck” strategy when you’re understaffed at work. “This might not work if the teams are independent of one another, but it’s an excellent option if you oversee both functions.”

While this might sound like a burden on your internal HR employees, it’s also positive for their professional growth. Hanlon adds, “Not only does this give you new recruiting help, but those people will also gain experience that rounds out their resumes and make them even stronger at their primary jobs.”

Work with your tech recruiters to identify where they need additional support. For some of you, this might mean having HR reps schedule technical interviews. For others, it might involve resume screening. Then, schedule training sessions for the HR team to help them understand the nuances of those tasks and how to do them well.

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