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More and more companies are adopting a collaborative hiring process, and as a result, they’re seeing legitimate improvements in talent acquisition. While not the most conventional hiring process, collaborative hiring is one of the more flexible methods since you can adjust it accordingly to the structure of your company. In return, it provides a two-sided evaluation system where candidates can interact with your team, giving them the most realistic expectations of what it’s like to work at your company.

This process is particularly important for technical roles. The developer hiring process is already very specific, and what better way to attract developers to your company than to have them interact with other developers?

The key here is to create a standard process before you actually start implementing collaborative hiring techniques. As a company, you have a bit of free-range in determining how you want to structure the process. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Consider who will be involved

Think about which of your employees you want to include in the process. You may want to develop a three-step process where the candidate meets the hiring manager, a potential supervisor, and a potential coworker. You might even want to involve managers from different departments. The more perspectives you can get on board, the better. That way, you can make a more informed decision.

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Put together the process

Have a sit-down with your team and listen to their suggestions. What changes do they want to see? What can be improved? How can a new candidate contribute to the essence of the company? Take everyone’s responses into account. Then move on to develop a game plan that clearly defines roles. Strategize wisely to ensure that the process is long enough to be efficient, but doesn’t drag on for too long.

Choose the right tools

Try to involve your team in the creation of the hiring process, not just the hiring process itself. This will ensure that everyone’s on the same page and give each participant a distinct role. Find a way to collaborate with your team to effectively assess a candidate so that multiple interviews are not full of repetitive questions that may turn away candidates.

Decide on documentation

Develop a clear platform for feedback from your team, and make sure to keep it professional. Make it clear that there’s no room for biases. You want to know what your team likes and dislikes about candidates, what potential they see in them, how they think they’ll fill the role, and what they can offer to enhance company performance. Then you can evaluate based on the collective responses.

By creating the process beforehand, you’re allowing yourself to be more prepared ahead of time. This way, your candidates will see that you are not only efficient, but united, and will encourage them to be more enthusiastic about joining your company.

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