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Post by Rich Moy on Dec 8, 2016, 12:00:00 PM

Hardly anyone would blame you if you thought of the holiday season as an ideal time to relax at work. After all, you’ve worked hard this year to find the right developers for your company, and it’s hard to stay motivated to keep recruiting during holidays. But even as things slow down around the office, there’s still plenty you can do to put yourself in a position to hire a developer for a crucial role next year. Here are a few ways to continue recruiting tech talent to wrap up the year.

Schedule Interviews for After the Holidays

Candidate engagement around this period is tricky because it’s impossible to predict every candidate’s holiday plans. While there isn’t much you can do about their vacation schedule, you can maximize the time you have left in the office before you take some well-deserved time off.

If a developer isn’t available to chat in December, be open to scheduling interviews with them in the new year. Scheduling technical interviews this far in advance might seem sound strange, but this level of transparency around timeframes will show them that you’re taking their candidacy seriously and consider them a priority going forward.

Tie Up Loose Ends With Your Current Developer Candidates

Keeping developers updated throughout the interview process takes discipline, especially when you’re recruiting during the holidays. Just like everyone else, recruiters get caught up in holiday festivities around the office. And while I’d never tell you not to enjoy yourself over the next few weeks, I’d also caution you against doing so at the expense of keeping your developer candidates up to speed.

Replying to everyone currently in your interview process is one of the best candidate engagement strategies you can employ around the holidays. If you have candidates to reject, set aside the time to deliver the news before you get swept up in holiday festivities around the office. Even if you’re waiting on next steps for someone, reach out and let that developer know you don’t have any news to deliver.

Don’t Rush to Fill Roles Before the End of the Year

I’m willing to bet that if you have a few urgent developer job openings left on your plate at this point, you’re feeling the pressure to find the right people ASAP. The problem is that employers often rush to hire a developer just to meet end-of-year hiring deadlines. This causes recruiters to deviate too far from their developer hiring process, and in turn, unreliable tactics like form recruitment emails and cold calls become even more tempting.

Although you might have a hiring manager breathing down your neck to make a hire, avoid pushing developers too hard to accept a role (or even an interview) this month. Instead, check in with them about things like the projects they’re working on or their plans for the holiday season. The relationships you foster at the end of this year could lead to crucial hires in 2017.

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