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Post by Rich Moy on Feb 19, 2016 12:00:00 PM

One of the most obvious challenges that early-stage startup companies face in tech hiring is maximizing the returns on a limited hiring budget, which can be especially intimidating at times when you look at the competition you’re up against to hire developers. There are some perks that larger organizations can leverage to their advantage, but that doesn’t mean startup companies can’t stay competitive in the developer hiring market. Here are a few tips to help your smaller company make the most of the resources it has at its disposal.

Don’t Get Too Attached to Job Titles

One of the biggest advantages your organization has in its back pocket is the flexibility to adjust job titles for developers who don’t match every single bullet point on your original listing, but have made it clear that they would be a great addition to your tech team. This is an easy way to maximize a limited tech hiring budget for two reasons: not only will this flexibility train you to continually think about the type of technical talent you need over the long term, but it will also go a long way in making your opportunity more appealing to a candidate with multiple offers on the table.

Make Recruiting a Priority for All Your Employees

For those of you who are a one-person recruiting function, this is a prime opportunity to turn your current employees into recruiters. I’m not suggesting that you offer massive referral bonuses to your staff. In fact, our CEO Joel Spolsky says bonuses only influence employees to refer just about anyone they know, regardless of whether or not they’re strong candidates. Still, empowering your staff to recruit candidates who could potentially become their teammates fosters an environment in which everyone is excited to chip in, even when there isn’t a referral bonus on the table.

Target Developers More Strategically

The harsh reality of hiring developers on a limited budget is that you just cannot post your openings on any job board that will take your money. You might get lucky and find a developer by simply throwing caution to the wind and promoting your roles everywhere online, but the odds are that you’ll end up wasting your time and money on those platforms. If you’re working with limited resources, start your search for tech talent on sites and forums they use on a daily basis before you turn to more general recruitment tools. Stack Overflow is an obvious place to start, but in any case, take the time to research what the developers you’re looking to hire want and shape your tech hiring strategy around those findings.

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