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July hiring trends mainly focused on how companies are adjusting to the demand for new skills such as AI and machine learning while there is a shortage in top tech talent. Retraining the existing workforce for new roles within a company is proving to be a solid addition to the standard hiring tactics. The demand for tech talent is still at a high while the growth in certain tech openings has declined. Companies are learning to adapt accordingly. 

July Industry News 

I’m a VP at LinkedIn and here’s what I learned about hiring people for AI jobs (Fast Company) 

Recruiting and hiring AI talent has been a hot topic of conversation in the tech hiring landscape recently. Specifically, John Jersin, VP of Product Management, Talent Solutions and Careers at LinkedIn, shared his direct experience in hiring for AI roles and the four key focus areas when looking to hire for an AI position. Those areas include understanding the skills needed, the ability to look for soft skills, casting a wider net and retraining your workforce. 

1 big thing: The tech job slowdown (Axios)

Another recurring trend in the tech hiring space, is the high demand of tech talent. Axios explained that U.S. companies are continuing to actively recruit new workers. However, growth in openings for certain tech jobs have slowed down. According to the latest Jobs of the Future index, tech continues to hire the most people in absolute numbers but the growth has decreased. This decline in growth is impacting the type of talent companies are recruiting and the way in which we currently work. Economic change is on the horizon affecting the types of tech roles we will see in the future. 

Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its U.S. Workforce (The Wall Street Journal) 

Utilizing the workforce companies already have is becoming a popular trend as new skills and technology emerge and recruiting top tech talent is becoming more challenging. Amazon is one of the companies leading that charge with its plan to train 100,000 workers in new skills such as automation and machine learning. Other companies following the trend include Accenture, JP Morgan Chase & Co and AT&T. Companies are seeing this as a way to combat the current talent shortage. 

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