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Despite the remaining uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the U.K. is still actively hiring and seeking new workers. In fact, Amazon is expanding its U.K. workforce and companies are looking to hire more globally. Hiring is still at a high in the U.K., the companies are just adjusting the type of talent they recruit and from where. Companies are looking to expand the talent pool. With all the hiring occurring, HR departments need to keep up and are starting to see the value and need when it comes to embracing A.I. 

July Industry News

Amazon to Hire 2,000 in U.K. for Latest Technology Ventures (Bloomberg) 

Amazon are expanding their U.K. business with their plans to hire 2,000 new workers for their latest technology projects. Roles will include engineers, software developers and data scientists allowing the Amazon U.K. workforce to reach almost 30,000 employees by the end of the year. 170 of the new jobs will be based at Amazon’s development centers in London, Cambridge and Edinburgh. 

Hiring global tech talent brings benefits beyond growth (VentureBeat) 

Velocity Global tackles the recurring hiring trend of expanding the talent pool beyond companies’ locations. The competition for talent is still prominent forcing companies to become a more global workforce. For example, according to Velocity Global’s survey, 90% of UK firms have plans to expand globally within the next five years. The expansion is also forcing companies (41% in the UK) to seek qualified talent abroad in order to find the right fit. Velocity global mentions other factors contributing to the expansion, such as the abandonment of the 9-to-5 work model. 

Why it’s time for HR to embrace AI (HR Magazine) 

AI is one of the primary topics of conversation in the tech space recently. Interestingly, it is also becoming a popular topic in the world of HR and recruiting. Technology has led HR departments to be less process-driven and more strategic. AI will further enhance this development, as well as accelerate and change the way HR uses metrics and data to help drive cultural change. 

UK employment rate resilient despite Brexit uncertainy (The Guardian) 

Even though Brexit is causing uncertainty throughout the U.K. and Europe, hiring has been on the rise. Specifically, 60% of UK firms tried to recruit new workers in Q2 of 2019, according to The British Chambers of Commerce survey. A good portion of the employment growth has focused on areas such as self-employment, zero-hours contracts, and agency work.

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