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Company expansion and relocation are key trends in the tech hiring landscape this month. Job seekers are open to relocation if it means a better quality of life and companies are creating offices in new locales in order to get access to new pools of talent. With unemployment in IT at a two decade low, many US companies are complaining about a lack of skilled workers.

June Industry News 

Tech workers are willing to relocate (Axios) 

While Silicon Valley still remains a top tech hub, many job seekers are willing to look beyond the standard tech cities. In fact, according to a study by CompTIA, three out of four technology workers would be willing to relocate for a new job. In addition to salary, 93% of women said job location was important to them, with 55% characterizing it as very important. 

IT Unemployment Rate Estimated at 20-Year Low (Wall Street Journal) 

The demand for IT workers is still high, especially for candidates with more advanced skills such as data analytics and AI. Job postings are outpacing the talent supply and as a result, hiring talent is becoming a prolonged process within companies. Organizations are also looking to create intensive, internal programs designed to train new hires in cutting edge AI tools. Lastly, IT recruiters are considering outsourcing some jobs to meet the tech talent requirements they need, expanding their hiring search into areas outside of their company headquarters. 

US enterprises want to expand IT teams, but face skilled worker shortages (ZDNet)

According to Robert Half Technology, 67% of companies plan to expand their IT teams even though top tech talent is in short supply. Some of the more in demand skills include DevOps, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing and Architecture. Though many companies want to expand their teams, 89% of survey respondents still said it is difficult to find skilled IT workers. To make up for the gap, 95% said they will bring on project-based IT employees. 

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