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June was filled with uncertainty and competition in the tech hiring landscape. The unpredictability around Brexit still remains a top concern for those in the UK who are both working and hiring in tech. In addition to the Brexit concerns, small and medium enterprises are finding it hard to keep and attract talent in the face of competition from large tech firms. The rapid transformation in digital technology is forcing these companies to adapt how they recruit and train their staff.

June Industry News 

Brexit chaos holding back tech sector - London mayor (Reuters)

Brexit is hindering the London tech sector’s growth and success, according to London mayor Sadiq Khan, who spoke at the opening day of London Tech Week. One of the biggest concerns is how the country could better utilize AI technologies if the Brexit uncertainties were resolved. The country is still at a standstill but it is clear that the uncertainty regarding Brexit is impacting the tech space in London. 

Brexit the biggest concern for UK tech workforce, finds CWJobs (Information Age)

CWJobs also took a look at the impact Brexit is having on the tech workforce. Though UK tech workers think their industry is in a decent position due to key factors such as skill set and technological innovation, Brexit is a major worry. CWJobs’ research stated that 38% of survey respondents identified the Brexit as their biggest concern for the tech industry, ahead of the economy and loss of talent abroad. Additionally, 18% are concerned about the future of the industry and not optimistic about the years ahead. Interestingly, 83% of respondents said they would consider leaving the public sector to join a private company in the next five years. 

SMEs are losing to big tech in battle to recruit top tech talent (UK Tech)

The consulting firm Robert Half UK shared a new report focusing on CIOs across the UK. The study showed that 75% of CIOs believe it is difficult to attract top talent for SMEs because workers would prefer to be at  larger tech companies. Due to the fast-paced digital transformation in the workplace, many SMEs are in danger of falling behind, according to Matt Weston, Managing Director of Robert Half UK. 88% of CIOs agreed it’s more challenging to find qualified tech professionals today than it was five years ago. As a result, close to half of the participating CIOs are planning to train and expand the skills of their existing staff. Keeping up and adapting to the ever changing digital landscape is key for SMEs.

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