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Despite uncertainty from Brexit and other macro factors, hiring news in the UK this month followed similar patterns to what was covered in US media. Demand for new skills continues to grow. And just as tech companies in the US continue to hire outside of New York and San Francisco, the definition of a “tech hub” in the UK is expanding. As companies require new skills in offices in more locations, they must also diversify their applicant pool.

March Industry News

Northern Powerhouse Lives Up To Its Name For Tech Talent (Recruiter)  

Though London is still viewed as the best location for IT & tech talent, start-ups are finding the north more appealing according to a report by CWJobs. In fact, the North of England is on track to become home base for 363,000 tech workers and Manchester is one of the cities increasing in popularity. Despite this relocation of tech workers, recruitment is still a big challenge.

Increased diversity in London’s tech scene? It’s happening... (UK Tech News)

Hiring a more diverse workforce is a widespread trend in the tech space and the UK is tackling this by opening up the talent pool to more candidates with varying backgrounds. Currently, 24% of the computing workforce is women, according to Girls Who Code and Accenture. This number could decrease to 22% by 2025 if diversity doesn’t play a role in current hiring efforts.Coding bootcamps are making it more accessible for non-tech workers to develop the necessary skills to be viable candidates.

How contracting is closing the IT skills gap (ITProPortal)

Within the UK, an IT skills gap is prominent and contractors are paving the way to help close that gap. ITProPortal suggests many reasons why contractors are a viable long-term and short-term solution for businesses. Some advantages to contractors include the ability to grow a company quicker, access to new transferrable skills and solutions, exposure to different methods of working and new ideas.

Tech professionals need to develop new skills, but lack the time to train (Information Age)

Demand for new skills is high, but providing proper training comes with many challenge. Solarwinds’ research shows that in the next three to five years IT professionals will look to develop skills in A.I. and big data analytics. If budget and time restrictions don't improve, 70% of tech professionals may have trouble keeping up with future technological changes and trends. As a result, companies could experience a hindrance in performance and competitive advantage. To help prevent this outcome, prioritization of skills and career development is key.

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