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While companies across the tech industry in the U.S. and the U.K. are working diligently to adjust recruitment tactics that better cater to the demand for top talent, the U.K. is also experiencing growth in remote hiring and a prioritization in company culture.

May Industry News

Talentful launches hiring platform based on personality (UK Tech)

Company culture has been a priority for tech job seekers for years. In fact, our 2019 Developer Survey confirmed that company culture is still a top priority for developers seeking new opportunities. A new hiring platform called Talentful sees the value in this trend. Talentful algorithm understands an applicant’s personality based  on a series of questions and then connects them with roles suited to their personality results.

ProBeat: The future of work is remote (VentureBeat)

Remote hiring is growing. At Facebook’s F8 2019 developer conference, Stripe announced its fifth engineering hub will be remote. They will be hiring 100 remote engineers with the hope of getting the best possible candidates for the job verse limiting the candidate pool to one specific area. As we have seen in past posts, this trend of remote hiring is becoming more common throughout the industry.  

Why automation is one of the keys in hiring diversity (Information Age)

Automation may be the key to more diverse and inclusive hiring according to Information Age. The status quo for recruitment and hiring tactics isn’t sufficient in bridging the talent gap and satisfying the demand. Automated workflows could allow recruiters to spend more time on creative tasks and employer branding and less time on repetitive tasks such as job descriptions or postings. Information Age mentions Recruitment Marketing Automation (RMA), where recruiters can automate their marketing activities as well as schedule, budget, post and measure social campaigns in on area or platform.

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