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Post by Rich Moy on Nov 30, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Invitations to holiday events may have a higher open rate than business emails, but even as things wind down around the office, the pressure to hire top tech talent remains. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of software developers to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, tech recruiters can never take too much of a break from looking for talent.

With this post, we’re launching a monthly news round-up comprising some of the most compelling talent acquisition articles relative to tech. In November, industry experts were outspoken about how they’re addressing their current and future tech hiring needs. Since this is our first round-up, we also included a few reports you may have missed earlier this year.

November Industry News

The Complicated Role Comp Plays In Retention, Engagement and Satisfaction (TLNT)

A 2018 survey by PayScale found that only one in five employees think they’re paid fairly. But that’s not always the reason they leave their jobs. PayScale’s JC Shao breaks down how compensation does (and doesn’t) impact employee satisfaction in this article.

Building the workforce of tomorrow, today (McKinsey Quarterly)

Global software company SAP recently launched a “reskilling” program to upgrade its employees' skills. McKinsey Quarterly interviewed HR executives at SAP to discuss the lessons learned through the process, and how other organizations can implement similar programs.

How McLaren Group is changing to attract young tech talent (Computerworld UK)

McLaren Group is one of the most recognizable brands in the United Kingdom. That doesn’t always make it easier for the company to hire developers. John Allert, Chief Marketing Officer at McLaren Group, shared how the business changed its cultural core to hire developers.

Does the Employee Experience Trend Replace Engagement? (Gallup)

Using research from its latest employee experience survey, Gallup explored the differences between employee experience and employee engagement—and why organizations should prioritize the latter.

Employees Trade Pay for Culture, Not Perks (TLNT)

Last month, Bloomberg found that 56% of Americans would forgo a pay raise in exchange for perks. Matthew Wride, Chief Operating Officer, agrees with the findings. But he told TLNT that the “job perks” Bloomberg wrote about are more closely aligned with company values and culture. We saw similar findings in our 2018 Developer Survey, where over 13% of respondents said that company culture was their top job priority.

The Shifting Map Of US Tech Talent Offers New Opportunities For Talent-Hungry CIOs (Forrester)

This month, Forrester released its 2018 US Tech Talent Hotspots report. After analyzing every major city in the country, it identified 15 tech talent hotspots. Their list includes areas you’d expect, such as the Bay Area and New York City. But it also breaks down emerging tech hubs like Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. You can read their findings here.

In Case You Missed It

The $8.5 Trillion Talent Shortage (Korn Ferry)

Earlier this year, Korn Ferry predicted a global talent shortage of over 85 million people by 2030. They also found that it could result in around $8.5 trillion in lost revenues. The industry with the most to lose? Technology. Read more about Korn Ferry’s projections here.

More staff training is vital (The Economist)

According to The Economist, there will be 1.4 million new engineering jobs in America by 2030. In this article, executives at companies like IBM and AT&T explain how they’re preparing for this talent gap by launching internal training programs for their employees.

Demand for Programmers Hits Full Boil as U.S. Job Market Simmers (Bloomberg)

Ouliana Trofimenko, head of technical recruiting at Mapbox, told Bloomberg that a good software engineer typically decides between four job offers. Find out how she and other talent acquisition leaders attract tech talent in one of the most competitive markets ever.

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