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What Do You Call People Who Program at your Company?

Every company seems to call their technical employees something different. No, I’m not talking about all the ninjas and gurus out there. I’m talking about the folks who sit in front of an IDE (or, dog forbid, vim) and write lines of code in the desperate hope that it compiles and/or runs. There seems to be no end to the honorifics bestowed upon these folks. 

Job Listing Keywords: What Developers Search for vs. What Companies Advertise

Supply and demand in the marketplace for tech talent have long since shifted in favour of the candidates. In recruiting circles, it’s referred to as a candidate-driven market. At the same time, the greatest risk for companies is the unmet demand for new talent. This talent gap makes it all the more important to reach those developers who are thinking about a new position. We looked at how the expectations of developers match those of companies by looking at the data from our job board. Specifically, we compared the most common searches by developers with the most common terms used by companies looking to hire. 

Words That Set Off Developers’ BS Detectors

Developers are a clever bunch. They’re trained to break a problem into logical chunks so that a computer can perform them the same every time. If you’re looking to hire them, your job listing will undergo the same scrutiny that an algorithm does. They have a pretty refined BS detector, practiced over years of trying to program the impossible and only getting it half right. 

How to Prioritize Developer Roles in a Startup

Your company just made the jump from idea to reality. You got the funding to hire a core team, but don’t have any founders with serious technical skills. As you prepare to start building your product, you have to answer a fundamental question: how many developers does my startup need, and what roles should I look to fill first?

August U.K. News Roundup for Companies Hiring Tech Talent

Brexit, for obvious reasons, is still the center of conversation around tech jobs in the UK this month. Meanwhile, foreign investments and the demand for emerging tech skills (specifically in London), are another popular topic of conversation and show the long term promise for the UK tech sector. 

August News Roundup for Companies Hiring Tech Talent

August was a relatively quiet month when it comes to the tech hiring landscape. However, some trends still remained prominent, such as the popularity around remote work and the challenges software engineers face when going through the hiring process. The demand for skilled tech professionals is still high but some qualified candidates are not getting noticed. 

Understand Developers in Europe with the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

We now have four European regional reports live, based on data from Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey. This survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of people who code globally, and Europe was the most represented region on our survey this year. Companies in Europe and around the world use findings from this resource to reach, attract, hire, and support developers. This year marks the ninth year we’ve published our annual survey, covering topics including favorite technologies, job preferences, and salary. Thousands of European developers took the 20-minute survey earlier this year.

July U.K. News Roundup for Companies Hiring Tech Talent

Despite the remaining uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the U.K. is still actively hiring and seeking new workers. In fact, Amazon is expanding its U.K. workforce and companies are looking to hire more globally. Hiring is still at a high in the U.K., the companies are just adjusting the type of talent they recruit and from where. Companies are looking to expand the talent pool. With all the hiring occurring, HR departments need to keep up and are starting to see the value and need when it comes to embracing A.I. 

July News Roundup for Companies Hiring Tech Talent

July hiring trends mainly focused on how companies are adjusting to the demand for new skills such as AI and machine learning while there is a shortage in top tech talent. Retraining the existing workforce for new roles within a company is proving to be a solid addition to the standard hiring tactics. The demand for tech talent is still at a high while the growth in certain tech openings has declined. Companies are learning to adapt accordingly. 

3 Things Developers Told Us About What Makes a Great Job Listing

At Stack Overflow it’s our mission to match great employers and developers looking for new opportunities. However, our mission doesn’t end with providing smart targeting to show job listings only to the developers with the relevant skill set. We also help companies to better understand their audience and draft job listings that resonate. To be able to do this, we commit to continuous research into which job listings perform best. We go beyond click-through and apply-rates and take the time for qualitative research with candidates you’ll be looking to hire. Here are some of the things developers told us during our last 1:1 interviews in June 2019. 

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