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Post by Rich Moy on Oct 9, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Fall is a season of new beginnings. Students are full of optimism about a new school year. People break sweaters out of storage for cooler temperatures and holiday celebrations. And even trees get in on the transformation. At Stack Overflow, we’re celebrating fall with a form of renewal entirely our own: by allowing companies to refresh their employer branding strategy for developers.

After evolving our Talent platform to include things like improved reporting on Job Listings and more responsive Company Pages, we declared September “Back to Branding” month. To celebrate, we encouraged employers to update their Company Pages on Stack Overflow. A team of our developers then reviewed these changes asking: upon reviewing these pages, where would I want to work (if Stack Overflow wasn’t so great)?

Based on our engineers’ feedback, here are ten company pages they love, organized into sub-categories to highlight what stuck out about the companies.

Companies That Highlight Their Tech Stacks

Across the last three editions of our annual Developer Survey, respondents have told us that one of their top job evaluation criteria is the technology they’ll work with. This also rang true for the developers that reviewed Company Page updates. The companies below use their unique voices to tell potential candidates about their tech stacks in incredible detail.


Shipping code is one of the most rewarding parts of a developer’s job. Grabyo, a digital media company with offices in New York and London, turned their tech stack into a compelling story by describing how developers will ship new features early in their tenure and telling them more about how they’ll do it.



The engineering department at Beamery has separate teams that focus on specific components of their application. In addition to sharing details about the tech stack that drives their hiring platform, Beamery breaks down each technology department’s function on their Company Page and includes links to additional content about those teams’ responsibilities.beamery_company_page


In the 2018 edition of our Developer Survey, 6.5% of respondents said that their top job priority is the impact of the product or service on which they would be working. Movile uses the Tech Stack section of their Company Page to address this in-depth. Our team of developers responded particularly well to how Movile empowers its engineers to suggest and test different projects, as well as their commitment to the one billion people that its platform serves.


Our engineers responded favorably to Company Pages that shared details about their tech stack and products, and Typeform’s fits that bill. Before they share the sample of technologies that their team uses, they tell readers about the questions that their products strive to solve. Typeform drives this message home by writing, “We want to be the best at conversational data collection. That means lots of experimentation. And it means working on problems that don’t exist—yet.”


Companies That Showcase Their Developers

Our engineers applauded Company Pages that gave them a “day in the life” of that company’s developer. Companies here effectively leverage everything from candid pictures to candid quotes from current programmers to tell their company story.


Smartly.io is a marketing automation and advertising platform, with offices in New York, San Francisco, Dublin, and Berlin. They’ve dedicated an entire section of their Company Page to developer quotes. Oskari Virtanen, Software Engineer at Smartly.io, says, “Not only do I and my team make independent decisions about product development, but we also influence things outside our own scope, like who we recruit and what the company should focus on in the next six months.”smartly_company_page


DAZN is a streaming platform that focuses on sports content. In addition to a handful of developer quotes, it boasts an extensive video library with interviews with current team members. These videos cover everything from the perks of working for the company to how DAZN prioritizes career development.dazn_company_page


F-Secure is a cybersecurity company with offices in New Jersey, France, Germany, and Denmark. Like our previous examples, it features quotes from current developers about the projects they’re working on. F-Secure adds color to these quotes with a photo gallery full of candid photos from around the office and at technology conferences.


Companies That Rewrote Their Story for a Technical Audience

The companies in this category might look familiar thanks to their popular products, well-known ad campaigns, or a combination of both. But their brand recognition didn’t get them on our list. Rather, our engineers appreciated how each company gave them a clear idea of why they’re hiring developers and the specific impact developers have on their organization.

Capital One

Capital One is best for known for its banking products (what’s in your wallet?). But on their Stack Overflow Company Page, they go out of their way to tell developers more about how they’ll solve real customer problems with emerging and traditional technologies. In fact, you won’t find any copy on their Company Page related to credit cards or checking accounts.



On its Company Page, trivago tells a story about its approach to software development, information technology, and support. Lee Jones, an Employer Branding Specialist for trivago, told us last year that his team often solicits feedback from its tech team on its marketing copy. He added, “If I hadn’t first sought this counsel I would have been found out pretty quickly, and the ads would have invited backlash from the audience.”


Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies gets right to the point with a short line about its product, followed by three paragraphs about how its developers impact its customers. Additionally, it includes a link to the company’s developer blog, which features more stories about how developers at Procore collaborate with each other on a daily basis.


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