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Everyone has their own unique strategies for recruiting and hiring tech talent. Some have nailed their recruitment emails while others have a unique way of interviewing developers with a high success rate. I asked tech recruiters and hiring managers from across the globe to share their best-kept tech recruiting secrets.

“We give a homework assignment that mimics the actual job.”

BetterWorks gives each potential new hire a homework assignment, which is fairly common for companies interviewing engineers. However, their process is a bit different. Tamara Cooksey, the VP of People Operations at BetterWorks, describes the process in more detail, saying, “When hiring full-stack engineers – which are notoriously difficult to hire for -- we give them a bit of time to work on a front end or back end project. Meanwhile, our co-founder and Head of Engineering watches as they work via GitHub. They are there to coach or answer questions along the way.”

“When we’re up against the competition to hire rare, yet talented full-stack engineers, it gives us an opportunity to see so much more than their experience— we can see how coachable they are and if they can succeed in our specific model. It also gives the candidate a feel for our team and how we work.”

“Start them off on a per-project basis.”

ShortStack prefers to do this instead of hiring developers on a salary right away. Jim Belosic, CEO and Co-Founder of the company, says, “I will give them a project that is very similar to something they would be working on at my company and see how they do. The projects can last a long time, sometimes even months, but it's the ideal way to really see their skills in use and not waste money hiring someone that may look great on paper but can't cut it in the role we're looking for.”

“Don’t hire solely based on skills – look at attitude and passion, too.”

Carol Quinn, CEO of Hire Authority, Inc., feels that all top performers have those two characteristics in addition to the relevant skillset. She says, “I think an attitude assessment , in particular, is the best-kept recruiting secret of all. It's easy to assess. It's a super-powerful predictor of future performance and success and it doesn't take any extra interviewing time.”

“Once I learned the role attitude plays in success (and failure), the applicant’s answers became much clearer to me. I started saying ‘No thanks’ to people I would have hired in the past. It made a big difference.”

“Utilize the power of recruiting videos.”

More and more companies are focusing their efforts on creating employer branding videos to help recruit talent for their organization. These recruiting videos, which often highlight what it’s like to work at the company and may feature interviews with current employees, are a crucial part of LivePerson’s hiring strategy. LivePerson’s current CTO, Eran Vanounou, ended up seeing one of their tech recruiting videos and convinced him to join the team. The video showcased their current employees talking about what they wanted from their CTO, and it worked. 

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