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2017 is coming to a close, so now is a better time than ever to reflect on what we've learned this year. Popular topics in tech recruiting this year included how to hire data scientists, developer compensation trends, and (as always) employer branding

Here are the most popular blog posts we published in 2017. Which one was your favorite? 

The Highest Paying Programming Languages in 2017

It was no surprise to me that our most popular post was about the highest-paying programming languages. Developers, Recruiters, and HR Managers alike are interested in compensation trends and average salaries. So which languages topped the list this year in the United States? Go and Scala each commanded an average salary of $110,000. Worldwide, Clojure tops the list with these developers earning an average salary of $72,000. 

What Benefits Are Companies Offering Developers? 

Our Data Scientist Julia Silge analyzed thousands of Stack Overflow Company Pages to find which benefits the majority of companies are offering their developers. Her post details how these benefits differ based on variables like company size and location. Overall, the most common benefits companies listed were a competitive salary, flexible working hours, and health insurance. 

10 of the Best Developer Job Listings We've Seen 

If you're having trouble writing your tech job listings, this post should help. We rounded up 10 of the best job listings we've seen on Stack Overflow, and called out why each one worked so well. 

The Changing Landscape of Programming Technologies 

Unless you're a developer yourself, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the latest programming technologies, platforms, and languages. This post shows which technologies developers have been using over the years, with a particular emphasis on Objective-C, Go, Javascript, Python, and Ruby. 

5 Phrases That Kill Your Credibility With Developers 

Developers get a lot of recruiting emails in their inboxmost of which use the same phrases over and over. To stand out from the crowd (in a good way, of course) and grab a developer's attention, be sure to avoid these common phrases. My personal favorite is, "If this job doesn't suit you, please forward this email to your friends." 

The 2017 Global Developer Hiring Landscape 

With 2018 right around the corner, why not take a look at the state of developer hiring in the past year? This blog post covers the top findings from our annual developer survey, including how many developers are employed full-time, how many are looking for new job opportunities, and more. 

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