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New York City is known for many things: its rich culture, diverse population, and notable landmarks, to name a few. But over the past few years, it’s becoming known for its booming tech scene. Often dubbed “Silicon Alley,” the city is home to a diverse pool of technical talent, numerous company headquarters, and a strong venture capital presence.

Tech Hubs within the NY Metro Area

NYC is home to companies in just about every industry, including financial technology, digital media, advertising technology, and more. Here are some examples of what each NY metropolitan region is known for:

  • Manhattan- Manhattan is where a large number of tech companies decide to call home.
  • Brooklyn- Brooklyn has recently become home to early-stage startups, specifically UrbanTech and CreativeTech companies.
  • Queens- Queens is home to tech companies as well, notably in the industries of FoodTech and Biotechnology.
  • Southwestern Connecticut- Connecticut is home to more corporate companies than Manhattan, which is why you’ll typically see more Oracle Database Administrators and Java Developers needed.
  • Northern New Jersey- New Jersey houses a variety of technology companies, including FinTech giants, ICT leaders, and Big Data companies. The outer suburbs are home to many telecommunications firms, which contributes to the high number of Mobile and Java Developers.

“Technology is driving innovation across New York City’s industries – from fashion to finance to manufacturing, making it more necessary than ever for the City’s digital community to have a central platform.”

                                                                                        - Bill de Blasio, Mayor of NYC

The Rise in Technology Jobs & Employment

The NYC metro area is home to large companies and small startups alike. The city currently ranks #2 in The Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, surpassed only by Silicon Valley. And according to The Partnership for New York City’s Innovation Council, it’s also is home to 48 Fortune 500 headquarters (more than any other U.S. city).

It should come as no surprise that tech employment in the region is high as well. From 2007 to 2014, there was a 58% increase in tech employment in NYC. Looking specifically at the high-tech industry (companies that design, manufacture, develop or maintain new technologies), job growth has been four times faster than the rate within the rest of the city’s economy.

Investments in Technology

In recent years, large strides have been made in the advancement of technology in NYC to attract technical talent, support companies and entrepreneurs, and strengthen STEM education programs.

One such investment is the Union Square Tech Hub, which will include space for startups, a tech training center, and encompass Civic Hall, a work and event space that focuses on how technology can be used to support the public good.

Cornell Tech brings together like-minded faculty, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and students in a catalytic environment to produce visionary ideas grounded in significant needs that will reinvent the way we live. They hope to close the talent gap by doubling the number of graduate engineering faculty and students in the city by 2043.

Employees can lean on organizations such as Startup Institute New York and the NY Tech Alliance to innovate and network. Developers can learn new skills or expand on current ones by participating in programs aimed to help them grow in their careers, like NYC BigApps, the IBM Watson Center, and the numerous hackathons and meetups going on every day.

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