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Post by Rich Moy on Oct 19, 2017 12:00:00 PM

There are a lot of advantages to recruiting NYC developers. The New York City metropolitan is home to 10% of the nation’s developers, and that number is sure to grow with the city’s recent investments in technology. No matter what type of developers you’re looking to hire, chances are that you’ll find them in New York City.

But that doesn’t mean that employers in the city are immune to the biggest tech hiring challenges. Most developers in New York City are currently employed, and there are far more open jobs than there are developers.

So how can you make your company stand out from the competition? Based on what we learned from the recent NYC Developer Hiring Ecosystem report, here are the top three things developers look for in new jobs.

Compensation and Benefits Offered (86%)

In this year’s Global Developer Hiring Landscape, compensation and benefits were the second most important job evaluation criteria. But in New York City, it tops the list by a considerable margin. With Kiplinger ranking Manhattan as the most expensive U.S. City to live in 2017, this should come as no surprise.

So aside from offering competitive salaries, what else can you do to stand out to NYC developers? Whether you’re writing a job listing or talking to a programmer face-to-face, be open about what you can offer. Even if you can’t meet a developer’s salary expectations, you’ll get their attention just for being transparent. Don’t forget: job listings that include salary information get 60-75% more clicks than those that don’t, even if the range is on the low end.

The Office Environment (81%)

Not all developers that work in New York City live in Manhattan. They commute from the outer boroughs and suburbs in New Jersey and Connecticut. With some programmers facing longer-than-average commutes, it only makes sense that they’d prioritize finding a comfortable work environment. After all, they’ll likely spend more of their time during the week at your office than they will in their homes.

Your company has probably put a lot of work into creating an outstanding office environment that enables developers to be productive, so don’t be shy about showing it off. Include photos and videos of your office space in all of your employer branding content. When candidates come in for interviews, make sure to leave enough time to take them on a tour of your workspaces—and make sure they get to see where your tech team sits. Even if a programmer isn’t actively looking right now, don’t be shy about inviting that person for an informal visit.

Opportunities for Professional Development (77%)

For developers around the world, professional development programs are a huge priority. NYC developers are no exception to this. While it came in slightly lower than it did on our global report, opportunities for professional development are still the third most important job evaluation criteria for programmers in the area.

What types of programs do you offer developers? Do your senior programmers mentor their junior-level counterparts? Does your company offer education reimbursement? Does your team get dedicated time to work on their side projects? During the developer job search, NYC candidates weigh your answers to these questions heavily. So when you’re engaging with them, share as many details as you can—and be open to suggestions about other professional development opportunities.nyc developers


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