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Post by Rich Moy on Jun 27, 2017 12:00:00 PM

The importance of building an employer branding strategy that resonates with developers can’t be overstated. However, it’s just as crucial for you to understand exactly how your employer brand can help you hit your tech hiring goals. Some people might tell you that your job listings, careers sites, and recruitment emails are no different than any other promotional ad you receive in the mail. While your employer branding content isn’t a silver bullet solution to the challenges of developer hiring, let’s talk about the difference it can make when you’re trying to stand out to a mostly passive audience.

Your Employer Brand is More Than a Tagline to Developers

It would be easy to assume that when you’re tasked with creating an employer brand, your biggest responsibility is to come up with a slogan that’s catchier than the competition. Of course, your company should have a compelling mission statement that addresses what developers look for in new opportunities, but it’s just one component of your strategy.

As Jody Ordioni of ERE recently wrote, your employer brand is a philosophy. She explains, “It’s a framework built around the relationship between your organization and its employees. It’s the promise you make to your workers. It speaks to your entire staff, from the CEO to the newest hire, as well as to job-seekers who are approaching your company for the first time.”

Your Employer Brand is a Component of Your Developer Hiring Strategy

Creating employer branding content is hard. You need to involve different stakeholders across a variety of teams to ensure that you’re communicating the story that your company wants to tell developers. At the same time, you shouldn’t look at your employer brand as a substitute for a more holistic entire developer hiring strategy.

Engaging developers (especially passive candidates) at this stage is an effective way to get them excited about exploring conversations about joining the team. However, there’s still plenty to do to ensure that you provide a top-notch candidate experience, evaluate their candidacies, and sell your company to the developers you want to hire. Although your employer brand can impact every stage of the developer hiring process, don’t forget that it’s a component of a larger strategy.

Your Employer Branding Strategy Impacts Your Reputation in the Developer Community

Developers have made no secret of the fact that they want to work for companies whose missions they believe in. If your employer brand resonates with their value systems, it can have a positive impact on your entire company’s reputation in the developer community. On the flipside, an employer branding strategy that falls flat could drive your top candidates away.

Above all else, make sure that any employer branding content you produce keeps developers at the forefront. In addition to showing off what makes your company unique, you should also engage them with information that’s useful to them whether or not they choose to join your team. Use your social media accounts to share insightful trends, engineering tips, and any articles that you think they’d like to read. An employer branding strategy that doesn’t just sell will grab programmers’ attention and make them more open to considering your job openings.

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