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Developer Interview: Ha Lee, VP of Software Development at Financial Engines

With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Ha Lee knows a thing or two about leading development teams and executing products. As the VP of Software Development at Financial Engines, Lee spends her time on everything from recruiting new members to her team to working with the product team to drive strategy. We chatted with Lee to see what a typical day looks like as a VP and how companies should be recruiting developers.

Developer Interview: Liam McAndrew, Head of Development at Currencycloud

Liam McAndrew has been with Currencycloud since its inception, playing a key role in building the technology that is currently transacting over $10 billion a year. We chatted with McAndrew to see what his typical day looks like (surprise: it's not-so-typical), what advice he gives to tech recruiters, and more.

Developer Interview: Vlad Kliatchko, Global Head of Engineering at Bloomberg LP

As Head of Global Engineering, Vlad Kliatchko spends his time leading a diverse team of programmers and networking experts to solve technical problems and build advanced systems to fuel financial markets. Read on to learn how Kliatchko has grown in his 14+ years at Bloomberg LP and where he sees the world of technology in the near future.

Developer Interview: Chris Winfield, Head of Development at PCA Predict

Chris Winfield started his career at PCA Predict in 2010 as a Software Developer, and has been moving on up ever since. Now currently Head of Development, Winfield leads the development of their address search engine and form. A firm believer in working in a no-nonsense, Lean, Agile environment, he shared with us his outlook on technical interviews and his favorite part of being a programmer.

Developer Interview: Daniel Thompson, Managing Director, D4 Software

As Managing Director of D4 Software, Daniel Thompson aims to make businesses run more smoothly with the right software. His extensive background as a Software Engineer, Development Manager, and CTO gives him a unique viewpoint on the world of tech recruiting and innovations in the tech world. Read on to learn what Thompson does as a Managing Director, what his first coding experience was like, and advice he has for employers who aren't thinking of software first. 

Developer Interview: Ann Catherine Jose, Principal Software Developer at Intuit

 While browsing through Ann’s blog, one sentence of her bio really stood out to me: “She believes that building the product right is as important as building the right product.” While I hear this sentiment often from developers and product managers alike, it’s rarely put so eloquently.

With over 12 years of experience in developing software solutions on iOS and Microsoft platforms, we were eager to learn more about her career path. We chatted with Ann on everything from her background in programming to her thoughts on the future of AI.

Developer Interview: Rich Leland, Director of Growth Engineering at SparkPost

You could say that Rich Leland spends most of his time with developers on his mind. Whether he's overseeing his team of developers, creating developer relations strategies, or writing content for developers, he's working to make sure SparkPost's developer community is the best it can be. We caught up with Rich to learn more about how he started coding, his experience with recruiters, and where he sees the world of technology going in 10 years.

Developer Interview: Nolan Seaton, Senior Developer at Digital Telepathy

Developers don’t always start their careers with a traditional Computer Science degree. Nolan Seaton, a Senior Developer at Digital Telepathy, spent time learning both 3D modeling and graphic design before settling into his current role. Read our interview with Seaton to learn how he got into coding, what he loves about his job at an agency, and what he sees happening to technology in the future.  

Developer Interview: Sarah Stanger, UX Engineer at Rocana

Pittsburgh-based UX Engineer Sarah Stanger has her hands full. As a mother of two working in tech, she always had a hard time finding a company with the right work-life balance. In her current role at software startup Rocana, Stanger works with both the Product and Engineering teams to translate high-level feature requirements into detailed designs that consider usability and aesthetics.

Learn more about how Stanger started her career in programming, what she looks for in an employer, and how she got her current job.

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