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Bridging the Gap Between College Grads and Great Companies

We’ve arrived at that time of year again - the time when thousands of computer science students across the country are graduating and trying to decide where to take their first steps as a professional software developer. For employers, the race to snag recent graduates is only just beginning. With nearly five open jobs for every developer, just as much competition exists for employers as it does for candidates. Computer science graduates have a greater choice of positions than ever before so just like applicants, you need to make sure you are also doing your best to stand out.

The Importance of Onboarding Developers

Post by Jon Chan on Apr 16, 2014 2:20:00 PM

Starting a job is a lot like moving to a new city.

When I first started at Stack Exchange as a developer, I’d already been living in New York for six years. I knew my way around: what train to take to get to which stop in Manhattan, why you don’t actually eat hot dogs from a cart, when the best time to take a cab is, and so on. These are bits of knowledge locals learn through experience, and if you don’t learn them as a newcomer, the city can quickly become the mean, hard-knock concrete jungle you should have known better about. The best way to navigate your new territory is having the guidance of a local friend: The city doesn’t seem like a labyrinth you want to escape from and instead turns into the energetic place that you’ll grow to love.

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