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How I Hire: Nathaniel Talbott CTO of Spreedly

As one of the founders of Spreedly, Nathaniel Talbott has been growing the company's team since 2007. Spreedly is a fintech company that helps  customers capture, store, and make use of payment data, all while they stay out of PCI-DSS scope. On their customers' behalf, they store millions of credit cards, process millions of transactions every month, and on an annual basis facilitate billions of dollars worth of top-line revenue.

We caught up with Talbott to talk about his current role, how Spreedly's hiring process has changed as they've grown, and the challenges he faces day-to-day. 

How I Hire: Jeff McConathy, VP of Engineering for Consumer Services at Trulia

 It's safe to say that Jeff McConathy is a loyal Trulian. Having spent 11 years at the company, Jeff currently serves as the VP of Engineering for Consumer Services. Read on to learn how he interviews for culture fit and the impact a "no jerks" policy has had on the technical team. 

How I Hire: Brad Brooks, Head of Product, Engineering, and Marketing at DocuSign

As the Head of Product, Engineering, and Marketing, it’s safe to say Brad Brooks knows how to effectively lead teams. At DocuSign, his teams are responsible for driving innovation across the company through data-driven research, product design, development, engineering, and technology leadership. Read on to see how Brooks builds out his teams by following DocuSign’s core values.

How I Hire: Toni Martinez, Engineering Director at Softonic

To effectively hire and manage the best engineers, you must have a passion for people. Toni Martinez has just that – an extensive background as a developer and technician, and multiple roles leading teams as a Project Manager or Development Manager. Currently the Engineering Director at Softonic, world’s top Multiplatform Software Guide, Martinez oversees an engineering team. Read on to learn about how he uses “hiring committees” to recruit and employ the best tech talent.

How I Hire: Arun Umapathy, CEO of Devshop

While Arun Umapathy’s current title is CEO, it’s his background as a developer that gives him a unique edge leading a NYC-based development shop. Over the course of his career he’s started four companies, providing him with the expertise needed to make those important hires that are critical to business. Read on to learn more about Umapathy’s thoughts on everything from code reviews to the unlikely place he interviewed his first employee.

How I Hire: Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence

Former programmer and current CEO Joe Sinkwitz wears many hats at Saas startup Intellifluence -- one of which is hiring developers. We talked to Sinkwitz to learn about his unique take on computer science degrees, cultural fit, and more. 

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