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Post by Rich Moy on Nov 7, 2016 12:00:00 PM

This post was updated in December 2017 with new information.

My experience as a recruiter taught me that attracting and hiring talented candidates is difficult. As simple as the job might sound on paper, it takes much more than matching a list of qualifications to a pile of resumes and selecting the person who represents the closest fit. This is particularly the case when it comes to recruiting software developers, and tech recruiters are asked to go above and beyond to get the job done. While finding the right person for any role is not easy, here are a few unique recruitment challenges that tech recruiters are facing in 2016.

Everyone is Looking to Hire Developers

It’s no secret that the best software developers are in high demand and aren’t on the open market for very long. Conventional wisdom might lead you to think technology companies are driving the war for tech talent. However, according to John Dodge at The Boston Globe, this is simply not the case. Along with growing tech companies in the Boston area, Dodge says that long-established organizations are recruiting software developers more aggressively than ever before. He adds, “Local companies are not only competing for talent with traditional rivals Silicon Valley and New York but also new technology hotbeds such as Colorado.”

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The Right Candidates Often Live in Other Locations

The flexibility to recruit and hire remote candidates might make non-technical recruiters slightly jealous. After all, expanding your search beyond your company’s location is a good way to grow your talent pool and retain your best talent. However, even though Andela’s CEO Jeremy Johnson recently wrote that 81% of developers interact with colleagues from different sites, offering remote work options isn’t straightforward. Simply convincing your company to get on board with the idea of remote work can be one of the biggest recruitment challenges that anyone hiring developers will face this year. Even when a tech recruiter has the support of his or her company to consider candidates in other cities, everything from the interview process to the benefits you offer need to be optimized to put remote developers in a position to succeed.

Standing Out Takes More Than Offering the Most Money

Considering that nearly developers say that salary is one of their most important job evaluation criteria, it would be easy to assume that money can solve any other recruitment challenges. Of course, candidates want to know that they’ll be compensated fairly, but recruiting software developers requires much more than offering higher salaries than everyone else. To stand out from the competition, tech recruiters need to slow down their hiring process and build meaningful relationships with candidates and understand what they look for in new jobs. Because recruiting is such a fast-paced, results-oriented job, learning the finesse it takes to build rapport with software developers is one of the biggest challenges tech recruiters face on a daily basis.

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