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Paying your developers a fair salary is important to both your current and future technical teams. While there is no magic formula for calculating the ideal salary for a developer, there are some guidelines you can follow. Criteria such as years of experience, proficiency using unique tech stacks, and even the cost of living all should be taken into account prior to posting an open role. 

Want to know what the average developer earns in your state? Here are the 10 highest-paying states for developers. 


10 Highest-Paying States for Developers*

  1. California - $119,000
  2. Washington- $118,500
  3. Massachusetts- $105,000
  4. New York- $102,500
  5. New Jersey- $100,000
  6. Virginia- $97,000
  7. Illinois- $95,000
  8. Texas- $95,000
  9. Colorado- $94,000
  10. Maryland- $92,000

*Median salaries of professional developers who responded to our 2017 Developer Survey

To see what salaries look like for developers all over the world, check out our Salary Calculator.  

In general, more specialized roles (such as DevOps or Machine Learning Developers) command higher salaries, so be sure to take that into consideration when looking at the numbers above. 

How to Use This Data When Hiring

If you’re reading this post or poking around in our Salary Calculator, you’ve already taken the first step to successful hiring. Conducting salary analysis for every developer role you’re hiring for is the easiest way to ensure you’re paying market value. And remember, because some roles are in higher demand than others, it’s important not to assign a blanket “developer” salary to them.

But what if you’ve done the research and realize you can’t afford to pay your developers a salary that matches the average? Instead, see if you can offer a better benefits package. In this case, we’re using the term “benefits” to mean not only healthcare and vacation days, but also the other incentives your company offers, like flexible working hours, opportunities for professional development, and even a really nice office space setup.

NA developer salaries


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