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It’s no secret that technology is a male-dominated industry. All it takes is a glance around the room of a Ruby on Rails conference or a quick look at one of the many reports on the gender gap in STEM to understand. In our recent developer survey, women represented just 6% of the respondents. Female developers who did respond were also nearly twice as likely to say that they “hate their job.” These alarming numbers are leading companies to invest in diversity initiatives and work harder to recruit and attract qualified female developers to their teams.

In order to effectively recruit and attract candidates of any gender to your company, it’s important to do your research. What are they looking for in a company? Which types of benefits matter to them? What are their thoughts on remote work? Below are a few findings on female developers from our recent survey that can help you effectively answer these questions.

Benefits and Values They Care About

When considering a new job opportunity, female developers are 20% more likely than men to care about the ability to work remotely. This remote working statistic isn’t surprising, as this topic has been covered on various news outlets, like this piece from Wired. In the article, the founders of job site PowerToFly mention that most tech companies simply aren’t giving women – particularly mothers – the flexibility they need to raise a family and pursue their careers at the same time. Additionally, recent reports found that one-third of women surveyed left the industry to tend to their families “because companies weren’t flexible enough to accommodate work-life concerns” and 51 percent of women said being a working mother made it harder to advance their careers (compared to just 16 percent of fathers).

Female developers were also half as likely as men to care about the company's technology stack, and 60% less likely than men to consider “ability to make or influence important decisions” when evaluating a job opportunity.

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