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It’s been a long-standing debate on who should be responsible for writing a tech job listing. Technical job listings and descriptions are very different than those for a sales or marketing position, and they should be catered toward what the candidate is looking for. At the same time, you want to make sure the listing includes the basic, non-technical requirements as well. This means you’ll need more than one person writing job listings.

Depending on the size and nature of your team, the answer to this post’s title question can vary. Your best bet is to use a combination of the following to write your tech job listings.

HR Manager

HR Managers, or other similar management roles on an HR team, are instrumental in writing a tech job listing. They typically have the background knowledge for certain areas on the job listing, such as years of experience, wage and salary information, as well as the benefit packages that matter most to developer candidates. They know the company’s brand and messaging better than anyone else, so it’s important to have them add that when you're writing job listings.

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If the role has tried to be filled before, the recruiter likely knows which types of candidates are a good fit for the role and which aren’t. They are a good person to make constant tweaks to the job listing as they realize the standards may need to be lowered or raised based on who is applying to the job and making it far in the interview process. Recruiters are also up-to-date on all the buzzwords, trends in the job market, and developer job titles, so they can make sure that the job listing is easily searchable and relevant. They also engage directly with developers more often than anyone else at your company, and are in tune with their most common concerns and wants.

Engineering Manager

The Engineering Manager, or someone in a similar position that leads the team the candidate would be working on, should definitely be involved in the job description writing process. This person typically is also the Hiring Manager for the open role, so it’s a natural fit. This employee offers a unique perspective on the specific tasks and responsibilities that the candidate would be responsible for in the role, as well as what unique technical skills are required. Plus, they understand some of the more nuanced qualifications of the developers they're looking to hire.

Fellow Developers

Some companies ask members of the technical team to chime in on the open job listing, as they would be working with the new employee once they come on board. If you have existing employees that hold the same (or a similar) job title to the role you’re opening up, they can be of great help, too. Who is better to provide feedback on the role and responsibilities than someone who is living and breathing that role currently? If you're afraid to ask for feedback, don't be! Developers want to work with other smart people, and they'll be happy to chime in on your job listing if it means you'll find their future teammates faster.job listing questions


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