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Post by Rich Moy on Apr 16, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Our recent news roundups for companies hiring developers have featured multiple reports on the growing talent gap. As critical tech roles become more difficult to fill, industry experts agree that a strong employer brand is key to attracting and retaining developers in 2019.

In response, some of the world’s most recognized companies have evolved their employer brand to stay competitive. We’ve also learned that the most successful examples of these “rebranding” campaigns tend to be heavily influenced by in-house marketing teams.

We spoke to HR leaders who lean on their marketing teams to promote their employer brand. Here’s what they had to say.

Leveraging internal experts on branding

Alexandra Basso Moore is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Credera, a management and IT consulting firm based in Dallas. Even after a decade of experience in recruiting, Moore says the importance of employer branding makes it necessary to get the marketing team involved.

“Our employer brand has a big influence on attracting passive tech candidates,” Moore continued. “Even if marketing hasn’t traditionally owned it, they are the resident experts on branding and can bring the right perspective to optimize your employer brand.”

Credera’s marketing team lends its expertise to everything from employer brand videos to job listings. “They showed us how we can share much more than job descriptions without bogging them down,” Moore added. “Now when candidates see our job listings, they get an inside look at what daily life and career growth looks like at our firm, which really makes us stand out.”

Optimizing copy to showcase the company’s culture

In each of the last three editions of our Developer Survey, respondents told us that company culture was one of their top job factors when looking for a job. Carol Wood, Head of HR at Homebase, told us that the company’s marketing team plays a crucial role in showcasing its work environment through compelling copy.

“Our marketing materials talk a lot less about our products and much more about the local business owners that use us to save a little time on team management,” Wood said. “We believe we’re much more than a photo sharing app, and that resonates with a lot of engineers who want to solve a real-world problem.”

With offices in Houston and San Francisco, Wood says Homebase’s marketing team is crucial to her recruitment efforts in the latter. “San Francisco is obviously an incredibly competitive market, so we lean on marketing to help us stand out from the growing number of companies in the area.”

Developers respond to story-driven campaigns

Kim Hoffman is the Director of Talent Acquisition for Intuit’s product and technology roles. She and many others across the company feel that Intuit is a great place to work; to get that story out to potential candidates, Hoffman told us that she worked closely with her marketing team on a variety of ad campaigns.

 “We have an employer branding and talent marketing team that focuses on telling our story,” Hoffman said. “They recently launched an ad featuring a software engineer and they partnered with Intuit engineers to make it as authentic as possible, from the code and algorithms in the workspace to the animations of our campus.”

 Intuit also highlights their developers’ stories on an ongoing basis through its blog and social media accounts. Hoffman said its marketing team’s efforts add a level of sophistication to these efforts. “They’ve shown us how to use lead generation tactics in our recruiting process,” she adds. “Not only do we build awareness in the tech community through traditional recruiting, we can nurture candidates through direct marketing and retargeting.”

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