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Most recruiters and hiring managers have been in this position before -- you need to hire someone immediately, and the easiest solution is to hire a third-party recruiter. A third-party recruiter does not work for the company that is looking to hire, but instead works as an outside consultant to provide candidates to them. As a former recruiter myself, I can attest to the long hours and hard work these recruiters put in to get the job done.

So how do we let all the right candidates know we’re trying to hire them? Employer branding -- with the right message in the right places. Here are a few ways your company can control your employer brand that a third party recruiter simply cannot.

Let people know who you are.

Why is sourcing candidates so time-consuming? When I ask this question I often hear, “It’s difficult to find a candidate with the right technical skills”, “Candidates are not the right culture fit”, or “There’s just not enough developers.” But I believe the solution can be broken down even simpler than that.

When putting together a hiring or recruiting strategy, look beyond the traditional job boards since only active candidates will be on those sites. Treat this just like any marketing strategy -- find out where the people you want to hire are, and advertise your company there.  This can mean participating in a technology meetup, posting ads in front of online communities, and more.

Even though using third-party recruiters would save you time, the downside is that it's more of a transaction than a human interaction. Taking matters into your own hands allows you to create more of an authentic bond with every developer you engage with.

Show off your company’s perks, culture, and mission statement.

This is proprietary information only employees can express. No matter how good of a third party recruiter you have, he/she can’t possibly know as much as your actual employees do about why they enjoy working at your company.  Find out what motivates your team, and demonstrate those values in your brand.

Once it’s known and public knowledge who you’re looking for, and what you bring to the table as an employer, recruiting will no longer be a problem.  Let’s look at Google as an example. Google lets the world know about their perks, and who hasn’t thought about or dreamt about working at Google?   

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