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Hippo Insurance creates its first documentation strategy with the help of Stack Overflow

In 2015, Hippo Insurance launched with the mission to create more affordable and relevant home insurance choices for the modern home buyer. Today, Hippo is licensed in 15 states and covers over $25 billion in property value, cementing its place as a leader in the insurtech industry.  

To support the company’s future growth in the coming years, Hippo’s engineering department knew that it needed a more sophisticated approach to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Learn how Hippo created its first documentation strategy with the help of Stack Overflow for Teams.

The Challenge(s): Finding the right solution for knowledge sharing

Hippo’s staff team is split between offices in Mountain View and Austin, Texas. Since its launch, the engineering department had relied on a combination of documentation solutions. But as the team grew, Hippo’s leadership team knew that it needed a more sophisticated platform for knowledge sharing.

“We had a lot of discussions about how we should do it,” says Nir Alfasi, a senior software engineer at Hippo. “Some engineers wanted to use a third-party product. Another suggestion was to just utilize the README files inside the projects themselves.”

Nir and his colleagues were all avid users of Stack Overflow’s public Q&A platform. When it discovered Stack Overflow for Teams, Hippo knew that it could be the right fit.

The Solution: A platform that its engineers already knew and loved

As Hippo began implementing Stack Overflow for Teams, they were pleasantly surprised by the short learning curve. Even without a formal onboarding session, many of its developers began using Teams immediately after receiving their login credentials.

“It didn’t take long for us to start asking questions, tagging them, and pinging the people who might have the answer,” Nir says. “We really liked how easy it became to find the resources we were looking for without digging through a variety of documents across countless platforms.” 

Although Hippo has only been using Teams for a short time, the platform has already made an impact on its engineers. In addition to saving its developers an incredible amount of time, Teams has also created new opportunities for domain experts to step forward and make meaningful contributions.

The Results: An interactive resource that fits Hippo’s current and future needs

Everyone at Hippo agrees that the platform meets its current knowledge-sharing needs and will enable it to support the company’s future growth. Because its knowledge base is interactive, Hippo’s engineers are confident that they’ll no longer lose historical context on any project. Not only has Teams made the department more efficient in the short-term, but it has also put Hippo’s tech team in a stronger position to support the company’s future growth.