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“I work as a contract project manager recruiting for corporate clients and also as a manager of enterprise software management at RealCognita (BGC). As a result, I am always on the lookout for senior software developers, especially those who have a good education in IT and a general interest as shown in their hobbies and activities. But I’ve found that typical corporations generally can’t find or recognise great programmers because they tend to use big recruitment sites, direct recruitment or outsourcing websites. Since I come from a development background, I feel at home in the industry and generally know how software developers think and what they want, and quality developers don’t typically use those sites. Needless to say, finding the best people for software roles can be very difficult.”

Why I Use Stack Overflow:

“Stack Overflow is a great community with users that are mainly ‘real’ software developers. You’ll find a lot of senior programmers on their website. Additionally, their Stack Overflow Talent job portal is easy to use and the ads are very reasonably priced. I posted my recent job opening on Stack Overflow Talent, and I will use it again. I hired almost all of my developers through this channel.”


“The quality of the applications was excellent. About 50% of the applications I received probably came from the top 5% of developers. I added almost 30 people to the second round of interviews and ended up recruiting 2 people instead of just 1. Additionally, the time and cost savings are immense. If I had used conventional recruitment channels, finding that many top developers would have been almost impossible and recruiting 2 developers would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars using a recruiter. In the end, I hired 2 developers, and the entire process took just more than a week.”


Michael Zwiener (www.michaelzwiener.com) works as a contract project manager for corporate clients and for RealCognita (BGC), the second largest construction company in Australia. In the past, he worked for transport and telecom companies and currently recruits regularly for roles in IT and software development.