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Tech Hiring Edition

How software engineers find jobs, what matters to them when considering a new position, and the tips they want to give recruiters


Employment Edition

What type of companies do developers currently work for, what are their salaries and how satisfied are they with their job?


The Developer Ecosystem: Education and the New Generation of Coders

Education Edition

What influence does formal education have on a developer's career? What can employers do to appeal to the new generation?


The Developer Ecosystem: 2018 Predictions

Tech Trends Edition

Need to grow and retain your technical team in 2018? Hear from industry experts about tech trends they expect to see in the new year


Tech Hiring Edition

Developers are writing the script for the future. With the demand for technical talent far exceeding supply, every company is searching for its next developer. For this reason, tech recruiters face some of the biggest challenges in the recruitment industry. Learn what attracts developers to new job opportunities, what makes them respond to a recruiting email, and how their working style is different than other co-workers.

  • 970,185 developers live in the UK & Ireland

  • 98.6% of software engineers are currently employed, and just 9.5% are actively job hunting

  • Commuting time is their top priority when considering a new job


Employment Edition

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again -- the demand for technical talent far exceeds the supply.In this second report, Stack Overflow provides an additional focus on employment to help recruiters retain the best developers in their company. Which type of companies do developers currently work for, what are their salaries, expectations and how satisfied are they with their?

  • 98.6% of developers in the United Kingdom and Ireland are employed

  • 54.6% of developers prioritise jobs offering remote working opportunities

  • 45.3% of developer feel somewhat underpaid


Education Edition

There is a shortage of tech skills in the UK and Ireland. Yet the rate of unemployment among new Computer Science graduates is high (11.7%), 6 months after their graduation. Could it be that the formal education has become obsolete? What do developers think about the role of formal education in their career? And what can employers do to appeal to this new generation of developers?

    • 11.7% of Computer Science graduates are unemployed 6 months after their graduation

    • 42% of developers on average have a bachelors degree

    • Developers are diversifying the way they learn attending evening courses, bootcamps and other flexible training systems


Tech Trends Edition

The previous Developer Ecosystem reports have focused on the dominance of London's developer community - this time, we're taking a look at other cities which power growth and innovation in technology. The report hears from industry leaders who tell us what tech trends they expect to see next year, and how employers can successfully adapt to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

    • Developer population has increased by 2% across the UK and Ireland

    • Edinburgh has seen a huge jump in Data Scientists (19%) since the launch of our Q2 report

    • 1/10 of people in Dublin's labour workforce are software developers


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When software developers interact with content on Stack Overflow, our proprietary machine learning platform tracks their behavior over time — specifically, which technologies are tagged on the content and their IP address. This allows us to show, in granular detail, what technologies programmers are using, and how many there are at a city-by-city level. Since more than 95% of professional-grade developers in the English-speaking world use Stack Overflow, the resulting data amounts to a developer census.We supplement these site analytics with analysis of Stack Overflow user profiles and data from the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey in order to provide a complete picture of the developer landscape.


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