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The platform developers already
use, trust, and love.

Unlike standard knowledge sharing platforms, over 95% of the world’s programmers know and use Stack Overflow to learn and grow their technical skills.

It’s already optimized for you. Your users are already comfortable with our platform. No learning curves. No user adoption woes. Developers already know how the platform works.

Why knowledge sharing?

Silos. Tribal knowledge. Inefficiencies. Limits to growth. You don’t want that.

Most organizations are aware of the “knowledge sharing” challenges they face as their teams grow. Best practices aren’t always communicated. Docs live in different places. Links are lost. Results are untrackable. And inefficiencies abound -- an average 20 hours each month is lost looking for (the same) answers!*

Large organizations feel the burn more than most. Some turn to internal wikis, some to open source Q&A software, and some invest in knowledge sharing solutions that require extensive onboarding, and heck, when it comes to devs -- some companies even build their own internal systems!




When it comes to engineering teams,
the coding and dev needs are even more critical.

Development teams need a knowledge sharing tool
that’s reliable, efficient, easy-to-use, and secure to be able to:

Reduce tribal knowledge

Onboard faster

Speed up development

Why Use Stack Overflow for Private, Secure Knowledge Sharing?

Community Development

Stack Overflow Enterprise is not just software. It actively helps build and reward your internal community for their contribution, and surfaces valuable company assets.

Constant optimization

We’ve built Stack Overflow over the last eight years for one purpose: share knowledge and get people back to work faster. Any improvements we make to optimize our public platform spills over into your private version.

Seamless Integration

Your totally private and secure instance of Stack Overflow Enterprise (Private Cloud or On-Prem) is easily integrated with the tools and systems that are standard to your organization and feels like a part of your everyday workflow.