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Insights to Understand
the Developer Landscape

Check out our Insights Library to stay up to speed on the developer landscape. There you'll
find our Annual Developer Survey, the largest, most comprehensive developer survey
conducted each year. You’ll also find data sets, reports, and tools published publicly for free.

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Insights for Reaching
& Engaging Developers

Optimize your developer marketing and developer relations campaigns to reach the right developers.

To connect with the developer community, you need deep insights into what makes them tick and the ability to translate that knowledge into action. Because the world’s developers trust Stack Overflow, you’ll have access to an unparalleled breadth of analysis that allows you to create developer marketing campaigns that truly resonate with your target audience.


Discover how quickly individual technologies are growing in popularity, and in which regions they’re growing the most.

Identify emerging programming languages and other technology trends to stay relevant with the developer community.

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Insights for Successful Recruiting Strategies

Level up your developer hiring strategy to attract the best tech talent.

Hiring developers is hard. The competition for tech talent is fierce, and the best candidates already have jobs. Stack Overflow Insights provides you with the information you need to make more educated talent acquisition strategies and planning decisions.

Our census-quality access to the world’s population of developers will help you:


Understand how many developers are located in your country and pinpoint the cities where you’ll find the developers you’re looking for.

Identify the next up-and-coming tech hubs and understand where your positions and/or your next office should be located.

Discover what developers in your market are looking for in a job.

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Custom Content & Surveys

Developer Insights
The Way You Want Them

Power your talent acquisition and developer marketing initiatives with customized offerings supported by Stack Overflow data.


Leverage in-depth research to create custom content on topics that matter most to you.

Launch custom surveys to inform your business decisions.

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