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Force Therapeutics’ supports surgeons and their Care Teams with a suite of digital tools that seamlessly support their patient’s journey. With the company growing at an exponential rate, its C-Level leadership wanted to jumpstart its developer hiring efforts. Find out how Force Therapeutics finds the technical talent that it needs with the help of Stack Overflow Talent.

The Challenge: Getting Qualified Applicants Excited About Joining a Small Company

Claire Babbage, a People Associate at Force Therapeutics, tells us that her team’s most significant developer hiring challenge was finding quality candidates for their open Full Stack Developer position. “We’re a small company, but we still received a lot of inbound applications,” she continues. “Still, we weren’t seeing the types of candidates that fit our roles.”

Claire says that finding quality candidates is difficult for a few reasons. “We’re all passionate about Force Therapeutics’ mission, but one of the biggest challenges is that we often have to explain what we do to candidates,” Babbage adds.

The Solution: Promoting Their Mission to Developers on the Platform They Trust

Claire tells us that the VP of Engineering at Force Therapeutics first suggested the possibility of partnering with Stack Overflow to hire developers. “He was telling me about how the team uses the Q&A sites all the time,” she says. “So it made sense to both of us to promote our open positions and company story on Stack Overflow, as well.”

To attract more qualified full-stack candidates, Force Therapeutics used a Top Spot Job Slot and a Company Page on Stack Overflow.

Ms. Babbage says that both products enabled her to generate a higher volume of qualified applicants. “It was a huge improvement over what we had seen in the past,” Babbage continues. “We got around 30 applications from strong candidates, which we were really happy about.”

The Results: The Right Candidate for the Job—and a Pipeline to Support Future Growth

Ultimately, Force Therapeutics found the developer it was looking for through Stack Overflow. “We were comfortable hiring a mid to senior-level full-stack candidate, so we cast a wide net on our Top Spot Job Slot to see what came in,” Babbage tells us. “Now, we’ve filled two positions, and everyone is excited to have both people on the team.”

Additionally, applicants that Force Therapeutics generated through their Top Spot Job Slot has Babbage feeling confident about hitting her future hiring goals. “We’ll definitely continue to use Stack Overflow as our primary resource,” she says. “We actually took down job postings on other sites to see how many candidates we found through Stack Overflow, and we were thrilled with the results.”