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LoyaltyOne is a global leader in the design and implementation of loyalty programs, customer analytics and loyalty services for Fortune 1000 clients around the world. For the last 20 years, the company has leveraged data-driven insights to develop and operate some of the world's most effective loyalty programs and customer-centric solutions. The company enables their clients to build stronger, more profitable relationships by getting closer to customers and understanding what really motivates them.

Transitioning to a Tech Forward Business

Today, every company, whether they realize it or not, is a technology company. Even companies that historically weren't built as tech companies now rely on developers and engineers to drive growth, innovate and be successful. LoyaltyOne didn’t always consider themselves a technology company. However, over the last several years, they have been working across teams and departments to make sure they stay relevant and are viewed as a leader not only in the loyalty marketing space, but the tech space as well. There have been numerous efforts taken by the entire company to host events, share social video content, and show the world what it’s like to work at LoyaltyOne, with the hopes of attracting top tier tech talent.

Just like most technology companies today, a large part of the LoyaltyOne’s success is attributed to being able to hire and retain developers. Developers are the building block of all software and technology companies, so it’s important, especially for a company like LoyaltyOne, that they hire and retain the right developer talent.

“Three years ago, we could never imagine that the company would move to be so tech forward. It’s truly been a huge effort by our founders and leaders at the company,” notes Allison Melnick, Technology Acquisition Consultant at LoyaltyOne.

LoyaltyOne’s developer hiring strategy, prior to Stack Overflow Talent

Before implementing  Stack Overflow Talent, Allison Melnick, who has over 20 years of experience in recruiting and currently leads all STEM recruiting at LoyaltyOne, struggled to find the most efficient and effective way to get in touch with developers. There were plenty of tools that she used and saw some success with, but none of them allowed her to reach passive developer candidates that weren’t always looking for the next move right away. Since almost 60% of all developers candidates are passive, Allison realized how important it was to get in touch with that candidate pool. Additionally, when Allison reached out to candidates to gage their interest in an opportunity, she usually didn’t see a great response rate on her messages.  

Allison’s team at LoyaltyOne is constantly iterating on their strategy and looking for more scalable hiring solutions. In this case, they were looking for something that would help them optimize their recruiting strategy, improve candidate response time, and allow the recruiting team to use their time more efficiently.

Implementing Stack Overflow Talent

Stack Overflow Talent’s Developer Hiring Expert, Michael Dillion worked with Allison and Fatima to identify the right solution and approach to Stack Overflow Talent that would supplement their hiring goals. Currently, LoyaltyOne is using a handful of premium job listings slots to showcase their current vacancies, Premium Company Page Ads to show off their culture, Candidate Database Search and Recommended Candidates to directly engage with developers.

Using the Candidate Search Database allows Allison to search for and message qualified candidates in the developer database and be proactive about her recruiting strategy. Another feature, which is one of Allison’s favorites, is Candidate Messages. After Allison has identified the candidate she wants to go after, she’s able to directly message these candidates on Stack Overflow and has been really successful with the responses she receives.

“We are able to get much faster responses from candidates that we were previously getting on other platforms,” highlights Allison. “It’s been great, because I know that if I send a message today, I will most likely receive a response today”.

LoyaltyOne recruits for developers mainly in the Toronto area, where the market is saturated with many technology companies. However, unlike some of their competitors, LoyaltyOne’s recruiting team relies heavily on the culture fit for each candidate, not just tech stack. Because they are able to showcase their employer brand on Stack Overflow through their company page, when a candidate applies to a job, or responds to an incoming message, they already know what it’s like to work at the company even before talking to Allison. With Stack Overflow Talent, they are able to see the developer’s Stack Overflow profile in addition to the candidate’s experience, which allows them to get better insight into whether the candidate would be a fit for the company.

Since implementing Stack Overflow Talent, Allison, Fatima and the recruiting team at LoyaltyOne have seen a higher rate of applications, faster rate of responses, and more quality candidates.

Looking to the future

When LoyaltyOne hires a developer, their recruiting process is far from over. Fatima, LoyaltyOne’s Talent Marketing Manager, focuses on retaining developers after they are hired and is committed to being more data driven and strategic about STEM recruiting.  

“One of my favorite aspects about Stack Overflow Talent, is how invested and responsive our dedicated Account Manager is” notes Fatima, “Whenever we have a question, or need advice, he always responds within an hour.  It’s one of the best experiences I’ve had.”