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 As one of the world’s leading innovative internet companies, it’s no surprise that Rakuten is always looking to hire high caliber technical talent. Based out of Tokyo, Rakuten has more than 14,000 employees around the world looking after its dynamic global ecosystem of more than 70 e-commerce, digital content and fintech services across its international brands that include Viber, Kobo, Wuaki, Viki, Rakuten Marketing and Ebates.

The Challenge: Hiring Engineers at Scale

In 2016, Rakuten set a lofty goal of hiring 400 engineers. Aside from the sheer volume of candidates they were looking for, Rakuten had the additional challenge of filling those roles in their Japan offices. Hiring in Japan at this high of a rate is practically unheard of. There is also a lack of qualified engineers currently living in Japan, making the challenge even more difficult.

"I was pleasantly surprised by the volume of candidates and applicants. The candidates we received were qualified, and had the relevant skills to the positions we were advertising for.” - Francois Bergeron, Global Recruiting Strategy at Rakuten

The Solution:

By using Stack Overflow Talent’s solutions, Rakuten was able to:

Find and target candidates skilled in certain technologies. Francois Bergeron, Team Manager, Global Recruiting Strategy at Rakuten, said, “I loved the ability to customize our job listings. For example, if we’re looking for an iOS Engineer, our job listing will only appear to relevant candidates with iOS experience.”

Entice overseas candidates to apply to their jobs. Rakuten used their Company Page to showcase that they offer relocation packages and Visa sponsorship. This was crucial in getting overseas candidates to apply to a job located in their Japan offices. They also were able to convey their technical team’s employer brand (with Targeted Custom Banner Ads) to give interested candidates a peek into what life at Rakuten is like in Tokyo.

• Receive a constant flow of candidates. Since Rakuten was hiring for so many positions on an ongoing basis, Stack Overflow provided them with an endless stream of candidates. 

The Results: Rakuten Makes 18 Hires in 6 Months

In the 6 months Rakuten used Stack Overflow Talent, they made a total of 18 hires. These hires were through a mixture of Premium Job Slots, Company Page Ads, and Tag- and Geo-targeted Custom Banner Ads.