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How to Get Started

The first thing to notice on your Candidate Search homepage is the left navigation. The menu items are:

  • Search
  • Saved Candidates
  • Applications
  • Recommendations*

*Only for users who have Candidate Search and a running Job Listing. We will show this to you if there are candidates that match your job(s).


To make your life easier, we recommend creating a new search tab for each job. This allows you to easily keep track of searches that contain different criteria. This is similar to how browser tabs work or the tabs on airline booking sites.


You can search using the basic search fields by entering keywords and location. You can also click “Switch to advanced search” to specify more criteria.

You can always switch back to basic search by clicking the link above the words “Advanced Search.”


Let’s go through an example of how to use tabs to make searching easier. I’m searching for “java” in “New York” in basic search mode, and I get the following results page:


Now, I have a different role that I’m hiring for in Denver, and I want to search candidates for that role. I would click “New search” at the top right. This automatically creates a new search tab.


In the new tab that opens up, I can type in “C#” and “Denver” for this other role.


Hitting the search button gives me these results. You’ll notice the name of the tab automatically updates to show the search criteria (“C# in Denver”).

To save this search, click “Save Alert” on the right of the search box.


The default option is weekly emails, but you can click the drop-down to choose alert frequency:

  • No email alerts
  • Weekly emails
  • Daily emails
  • Instant emails

Alerts are sent to your email address and show new candidates that match your search criteria.

In this same drop-down, you can also click “Manage saved search alerts” to see a list of all your saved searches and adjust the alert frequencies or turn off emails.


Once you save a search alert, the bell icon appears in the tab so you can see at a glance which searches you’ve saved and which you haven’t.


Managing Tabs

Click the down arrow on your tab to:

  • Move the tab left/right
  • Delete the tab
  • Rename the tab
  • Duplicate the tab

You can also rename the tab by double-clicking on the current tab title.


Viewing and Managing Recent Searches

To view all of your recent searches, click the clock icon that appears on the far right next to “New Search” and the bell icon. Clicking this clock icon (“View recent search alerts”) shows your 5 most recent searches. In this drop-down, you can click “Manage recent searches” to access a longer list of recent searches (up to 25). This allows you to re-access a recent search if you accidentally close a tab you want to find again.


Viewing and Managing Saved Search Alerts

To view all of your saved searches, click the bell icon next to “New search” in the top right. This shows you search alerts you’ve saved and the frequencies of each. You can click “Manage saved search alerts” to adjust frequencies and delete alerts.


Saving Candidates

On the candidate’s profile, a box on the right allows you to save the candidate for any of your jobs. The candidate can be saved for multiple roles or for none of your jobs. You can always go back to manage candidates and move the candidate to a job later.


You will see a message that tells you the candidate has been saved. If you want to add them to a job, click “Manage.” You can also do this later by visiting the “Saved Candidates” tab in your left side navigation.


Viewing and Managing Saved Candidates

Click “Saved Candidates” in your left side navigation to access the list of candidates you’ve saved.


On this candidate management page, you can filter to find candidates you’ve saved for different jobs and whom you’ve placed in different stages of the review process. You can also filter to view candidates you haven’t added to a particular job yet, and also filter by candidates you’re actively considering and those you have dismissed.


The checkboxes next to each candidate's name provide a way to conveniently perform the same action on one or more candidates. Clicking on the box next to a candidate’s name allows you to:

  • Move the selected candidate(s) to a different job
  • Move the selected candidate(s) to a different review stage
  • Dismiss the selected candidate(s)


Viewing and Managing Job Applications

Click the “Applications” button in your left sidebar to view and manage job applications you’ve received.

Here, you can filter to view applications for different jobs and applications that are in different stages of review. The default view is shows applications you're still considering, but you can also filter to view applications that you've dismissed.


You would manage applications in the same way as you would candidates. Click the box next to the candidate application to move it to a different job or a different stage of the review process. Click an individual applicant's name to open up the candidate pop-up and view their application, send messages, change review stage, etc.

Feedback and Support

If you have questions at any point when using the candidate database search, click on the “Feedback & Support” tab on the left of the page, which opens a popup screen for you to input your question, which will be addressed within 1 business day. You can also email talent@stackoverflow.com with any questions you may have.