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Advertising solutions for everyone

When it comes to Company Page Ads, some employers want to be more subtle. Others want to take a bolder approach to how they advertise their job listings and company pages. The good news? Neither one is wrong—they just need different things. Company Page Ads on Stack Overflow give you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your specific developer hiring needs.




"Stack Overflow is great at helping us attract technical talent because their
reputation amongst the engineering community is so strong.




Choose the right package for you

Whether you're a brand new startup or a more established organization, Company Page Ads offer a unique opportunity to tell your story to the world's largest developer audience. We offer Company Page Ads in two formats for businesses of all sizes to promote their unique employer brand.

Standard Company Page Ads

With the Standard Company Page Ad package, you’ll get a sidebar ad unit on Stack Overflow. Use your sidebar ad to promote your open jobs, the unique benefits you offer developers, or show developers who they’ll work with. As an added bonus, your ads will update automatically when you make changes to your Company Page.

Premium Company Page Ads

Premium Company Page Ads give you the sidebar and the leaderboard. With a Premium package, your Company Page Ads will fill all available slots on the page—and they’ll never share the page with other ads. Both your sidebar and leaderboard ads will be updated automatically whenever you make changes to your Company Page.

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