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Talent Lite



1 Job Slot

Inbound recruiting only

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Company Page

Standard Job Ad distribution

Advanced job targeting

Talent Starter



1 Job Slot
Candidate Search with messaging

Ideal for a single recruiter

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Company Page

One Job Slot
(with ad distribution on Stack Overflow)

Advanced job targeting

One Recruiter Seat with full access
to Candidate Search and messaging

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Talent Pro


Partner with our experts to create
a solution that's just right for you

Ideal for multiple open jobs,
locations and recruiters

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Any combination of ...

Recruiter seats and job locations

Job Listings with advanced targeting

Standard and premium job
ad distribution

Full access to Candidate Search
and messaging

Employer Branding Solutions

Insights & Reporting



Thanks to our Job Listing on Stack Overflow and the valiant efforts
of our excellent account manager, we grew our team by over 20% in just one month.

-John Umbaugh, Software Architect, Care Evolution



“The quality of candidates is really something;
I get the best candidates from Stack Overflow.”

-Andrew Eick, CEO, Mission Focus



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any initial setup fees for using
Stack Overflow?

Nope! While pricing will vary depending on the tools you need, there will be no surprise fees along the way.

Can I make changes to my developer hiring solution along the way?

Absolutely! Your solution will always be customized to support your developer hiring strategy. If you’d like to make changes along the way, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have all the products you need to be successful.