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Fix your current approach to recruiting

The developer hiring process is broken. You can't jump in without any knowledge of the developer environment and persona. The first step in becoming better at hiring developers is increasing your understanding of both the talent market and the candidates themselves.

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Learn what they care about and how it impacts your hiring

To effectively reach the talent you’re looking for, you need to have a good grasp of their likes and dislikes. You’ll want to learn what they care about, how they prefer to be contacted, and ultimately what this means for your business. We've put together a variety of tips, tricks, and how-to guides to help you along the way.

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Become familiar with everything developer-related

Check out our Resource Library to stay up to speed on the developer landscape. There you'll find our Annual Developer Survey, the largest, most comprehensive developer survey conducted each year. You’ll also find data sets, reports, and tools published publicly for free.

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Create an environment where developers want to work

To attract the best technical talent, you need to have an established employer brand (and communicate it accordingly). Is your company poised to attract developers? Do you provide the type of environment that developers are drawn to? Do you know what your current developers need and give it to them? We’ll help you diagnose your current internal development culture and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Stack Overflow Helps
You Understand Developers

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Understand Developers

We know a thing or two about developers -- where they live, what they look for in a job, and how to best engage with them.

Hiring Developers

As the internet’s trusted resource for professional and aspiring developers, we’ve collected years' worth of insights from users around the world.

Hiring Developers

Our extensive developer research and hiring resources give you the information needed to start to build our your unique hiring strategy.