Free Guide: Joel Spolsky's Guide to Standing Out & Attracting Top Talent

Discover how to stand out from the competition to hire developers


The demand for tech talent far exceeds the supply. Why is it that some job listings get dozens of applicants while others get none? What is the single most important thing a recruiter has to do to be successful in hiring developer talent? What do programmers want most?

Learn how to attract the tech talent your company needs with tips from our very own CEO and globally recognized software development expert, Joel Spolsky. From writing compelling job listings to building a best-in-class development envioronment, this guide is packed with the tips you need to stand out to developers.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Make your job listing or opportunity resonate with technical talent
  • Position your company in a way that is attractive to programmers
  • Create a happy, productive environment for your development team


Standing Out and Attracting Tech Talent