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Findify is an e-commerce startup based in Stockholm whose intention is to turn online shopping discovery for the everyday consumer into a frictionless experience, generating more revenue for their clients. Their unique machine learning capabilities continuously improve results for shoppers in real-time. This makes the shopping experience far more fluid and increases the number of people reaching the checkout stage. They strongly believe that search is one of the biggest unsolved problems that e-commerce merchants face today. Despite the fact that the e-commerce market is growing rapidly each year, conversion rates remain low for many online businesses. Findify needed motivated developers to help them continue building their product, in the pursuit of product/market fit. Learn how Stack Overflow enabled them to find the technical talent they needed to help their clients secure more customers.

The challenge: a lack of resources to find the right talent

Meni Morim, Co-Founder at Findify needed to hire remote developers, a Front End Web Developer, a Big Data Engineer and an API Developer. Findify are a distributed team, operating in a range of locations including Stockholm, Paris and Frankfurt. Having remote work experience was a benefit for these roles but not an essential requirement. They needed people on a professional level that were passionate about what they were doing. Being passionate was just as important to them as experience.

The process of recruiting developers can be difficult and time-consuming. Meni did not have the time to actively source candidates nor did he have a suitable third party that could help him find the quality of developers he needed. “We don’t have a dedicated HR Manager, so actively sourcing candidates in-house was not a luxury we had. Instead, we hired a consultant and shared a Facebook post. Both of which didn’t work.”  

As an early-stage start up, they found themselves in a different state of mind. They wanted to hire people with an entrepreneurial spirit who were not afraid of risk. When they were initially searching for developers both job boards and recruiters did not fulfill their needs. They were unable to communicate the right level of passion to the candidates and were incapable of finding the right cultural fit.

The solution: reaching the right candidates further afield

Findify used Stack Overflow as they knew it made sense for their early stage startup to be active on the platform. They tried to use other platforms but everyone in the team agreed that if they were looking for developers then Stack Overflow was the place to be. As the home to the world’s developers, advertising within the Stack Overflow community would make them visible to millions of both active and passive candidates. Furthermore, as a distributed team, advertising on Stack Overflow would provide them with the benefit of targeting and engaging developers all around the world.

They invested in a package that was individually tailored to them and worked well for their early stage start up. The package included a job listing for remote work that was targeted to developers all over the world. Meni didn’t mind where the developers were located as long as they were the right calibre for the job. However, it was important they were willing to be flexible with work hours due to timezone limitations. In addition to the job listing they benefitted from setting up a company page that highlighted the top reasons to work at Findify. Meni felt that the package was extremely effective, allowing him to reach high-quality developers without having to spend lots of time sourcing them. Above everything he valued the personal relationship that he developed with Stack Overflow.“Our account representative gave us an example of how to write the job post and gave feedback. I’ve never seen this type of service anywhere. Absolutely incredible and a huge part of the reason we like the service.”

The results: hiring high-quality developers

A number of high-quality candidates showed interest in the jobs they advertised on Stack Overflow. Due to the number of applicants they decided to send an online coding challenge to narrow down the pool of candidates. They believed that having the ability to view a Stack Overflow profile was a good indicator of how good the candidates were. Seeing code rather than a CV was far more important to them, so they made sure that the developers they interviewed had a great Github and Stack Overflow profile. They reported seeing a much higher quality of candidates applying for the jobs than any other channels previously used.

Although it was not a quick process, Findify ultimately hired the Front End Web Developer, Big Data Engineer and API Developer they needed to grow their business. Developers are not hard to find. But great developers are difficult to attract. Most of them have no problem finding work and are driven by challenges, a great team and fulfillment which is why companies need to sell themselves. Meni added, “You need to sell your company to developers and convince them your role is the right one for them.”

Initially, their plan was to wait until they had a specific figure in the bank before they invested in recruitment for their technical team. However, it soon became clear to them that they should have started sooner. Meni continued by saying, “The lesson learned is that you should always be recruiting. However long you think it’s going to take, it’ll take much more.”

The three new developers they hired work remotely from Russia and Poland, and the team communicates over Slack, a real time messaging platform as well as through Google hangouts. The new developers are immersed in their roles and have grown the business by building new features in half the time that it was expected to take.

What makes Findify a great place to work?

Working at Findify is unique because anyone who has an idea that can be supported by data has the freedom to choose which technologies to use and how to use them. As an early stage startup Findify is always open to new ideas and they have a great deal of fun trying out new concepts and methodologies.

As a business, Findify is very transparent in customer communication. There is no disconnect between themselves and the end user. The team finds their work rewarding because they can see in real time that thousands of people are using their products. It’s an amazing feeling to see customers who love something that you’ve built.

They believe that promoting trust, openness and accountability is what makes a company successful. Although they are a distributed team, creating a customer culture is something they’re extremely passionate about. They pride themselves on being a gender equal startup and focusing on deliverables not work hours. They are a small, motivated team who are constantly learning new things and pushing the boundaries.