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What is Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online developer community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. More than 50 million professional and aspiring programmers visit Stack Overflow each month to help solve coding problems, develop new skills, and find job opportunities.

Founded in 2008, Stack Overflow partners with businesses to help them understand, hire, engage, and enable the world's developers.

How many programmers use Stack Overflow?

According to Quantcast, more than 50 million unique visitors land on Stack Overflow every month. This includes programmers and those in other professions who use programming tools or are learning to code.

What is Stack Exchange?

Stack Exchange is a network of 150 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest online site for programmers to find, ask, and answer questions about software development. The Stack Exchange network is a top-50 online destination and includes sites covering topics as diverse as Mathematics, Home Improvement, Statistics, and English Language and Usage.


Why should I post my jobs to Stack Overflow?

Developers are mostly passive job seekers: they’re not always visiting job boards, but they visit Stack Overflow to get solutions to their coding challenges they encounter daily. Your Job Slots on Stack Overflow will be seen on the largest online community for developers and can be targeted to the specific types of developers in the locations where you’re hiring. Click here for more information on Stack Overflow for your recruiting needs.

How many people will see my Job Slots?

It depends on the type of developer you’re looking for and the regions you’re targeting. Over 50 million unique visitors come to Stack Overflow every month, but we’ll only show your job listing to the largest, relevant audience.

What are the benefits of premium listings?

Premium listings are a great way to increase clickthroughs and impressions. We offer two premium upgrade options:

Featured Listings - receive special placement on the homepage and are highlighted near the top of the jobs search results.

Top Spot - these listings always appear in the top position of banner ads on Stack Overflow.

What’s job targeting?

Job targeting allows you to specify developer types you’re looking to hire and locations where you want your Job Slots to be more visible. We automatically select targeting criteria based on your job listing. You can edit the criteria at any time, and we recommend always reviewing the criteria before publishing your job.


Why should I get access to Candidate Search on Stack Overflow?

You’ll find great programmers: programmers who care about improving their skills and are willing to help their peers use Stack overflow to get answers and find jobs. Developers tend to be passive job seekers, but we’ll show you who’s actively looking as soon as they become active. You can also choose to get email alerts on new candidates matching your jobs.

How many candidates are in your database?

Our database is growing by almost 1,000 developer CVs per day. As of April 2017, over 400,000 developers are opted in to be contacted by employers.

What is the difference between “active” and “passive” candidates?

Active candidates have indicated to us that they are actively looking for new jobs. Passive candidates have not indicated that they’re currently looking for new jobs. They might be happy where they are, but who knows? Maybe you can make them an offer they can’t resist.


What’s a Company Page?

A Company Page is a great way for you to showcase what’s great about your company. From our user surveys and research, we know developers care about benefits, work culture, and the people they might work with. Your Company Page also displays your active Job Slots. You can promote your page with Company Page Ads.

Do I have to have active Job Slots to create a Company Page?

Nope. You can create a Company Page without Job Slots. However, to promote your page to more developers through Company Page ads, you will need to have active Job Slots running.


What is Stack Overflow Talent?

Stack Overflow Talent is a platform for employers to understand, attract and hire software developers. Stack Overflow believes that every developer deserves a job they love, and we’re here to change the way technical hiring is done so that more developers can find better jobs.

How do I find jobs using Stack Overflow?

You can get started in a few ways:

  • Fill Out Your Profile: Your profile helps us show you more relevant jobs based on your favorite technologies, skills, and other preferences.
  • Browse Jobs: We try to show you jobs we think might interest you, but you can also search and filter based on a number of criteria including salary range, developer type, technologies, experience level, and remote work.
  • Browse Company Pages: You can also check out companies to learn more about their work culture, benefits, and teams.

Will I be contacted by recruiters if I’m not looking for jobs?

We make it clear to recruiters that we do not tolerate spam on our sites. If you are not looking for jobs and do not create a Stack Overflow CV, you will not be searchable by employers. You can also block any employer that sends you unwanted messages.